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Dawn Marie claims Kamala returned her cheque without cashing it in

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Dawn Marie, unfairly picked upon charity owner or a confidence trickster?  What do you think Cagesiders?  Photo via <a href=""></a>.
Dawn Marie, unfairly picked upon charity owner or a confidence trickster? What do you think Cagesiders? Photo via

Former WWE star James "Kamala" Harris, who is recovering from both his legs being amputated, caused quite the controversy on Tuesday night when he claimed that both the Millennium Wrestling Federation (MWF) and Dawn Marie's Wrestlers Rescue had took advantage of his unfortunate situation for their own benefit, pocketing all the proceeds from fundraising on his behalf.

MWF promoter, Dan Mirade, quickly shot back with a lengthy burial of Kamala, claiming that at the time he made the YouTube video voicing his complaints with the MWF Kamala likely already knew that $425 was on the way to being sent to him via the Cauliflower Alley Club. The evidence he gave, a photograph of the money order sent to the CAC and an email from Kurt Lauer, its Executive Vice President, confirming receipt of the cash, was convincing enough that it seemed like an honest mistake for the money to have took a couple of weeks to get to Kamala.

Shortly after Mirade's response, Dawn Marie gave a very similar defence. Her booking agent Michele Mupo claimed via Twitter that Kamala had returned the cheque Wrestlers Rescue had sent to him because he was unhappy with the length of time it took to get to him (which is hard to believe):

Kamala returned check issued by Wrestlers Rescue Certified because it wasn't sent fast enough. Dawn Marie did what she said she would. Check for $500 was sent July 20,2012. Kamala refused it sent it back certified mail. HE LIED to get $$ never judge unless U have proof.


Dawn had to stop payment on a check today. Then received a Certified letter from James Harris he refused the [check].

Copy of check sent. Kamala is a liar!

98% people w/ diabetes live a long life because they follow a diet after they are diagnosed. How long did Kamala know he had this disease?

Furthermore, she professed that Dawn Marie makes no money from Wrestlers Rescue and 100% of the money goes to the wrestlers they fundraise for. Marie corroborated her agent's story too on Twitter:

Received my check from Kamala today certified mail. That means he did receive money from me but opted not to accept it.

Kamala did recieve a check but declined it and sent it back.

Of course, she would agree with her booking agent! Apparently Marie will issue a YouTube video shortly which will explain things in more detail and when she does, we'll post it for you to view, Cagesiders.

However, Dawn Marie's former ECW colleague Brian "The Blue Meanie" Heffron wasn't buying her story, after having donated an item to Wrestlers Rescue to auction off to help with Jerry Lynn's back surgery in 2010, only to later find out from Lynn that he knew nothing about it and didn't receive a single dime. Heffron was highly sceptical of the photos of the returned cheque and a note from a bank showing that there was a stop payment made on the check:

To ME the handwriting on Kamala's check looks like his "handwriting" on the "return envelope". If he sent it back why put a stop payment on it? Rip it up! Stop payments on checks cost at least $35. Why spend $35 that to stop a check in that's in your hand. My friend and tag partner Nova, who RUNS a bank just told me this: "As someone who RUNS BANKS I can say I've never seen a voided check like that. After a stop is issued, the check is dead and can't be reversed. None of this makes sense. The guy with no legs turns away money because IT DIDNT GET THERE QUICK ENOUGH? I have an easier time believing that me and meanie are gonna get our ECW PPV checks soon!"

Mupo didn't really have a good answer for that, instead quickly resorting to deflection tactics:

Hey Brian United states post office does not lie. Look where are the stamps came from And look where it says Sorry we missed you. You're just trying to get back on the map aren't you brian. Use whatever publicity you can. I'm tweeting about to my 600,000 followers lol.

Heffron, with the help of his Twitter buddies, later showed how easy it was to photoshop the photographic evidence Michelle Mupo provided by Instagram. I can't say I've been convinced either by Marie's and Mupo's responses that something shady isn't going on at Wrestlers Rescue.