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UFC 151 cancelled after Jon Jones turns down Chael Sonnen fight, CM Punk wastes no time commenting

The most hated man in MMA, Jon Jones, flexes next to the second most hated man in MMA, Greg Jackson.
The most hated man in MMA, Jon Jones, flexes next to the second most hated man in MMA, Greg Jackson.

Earlier today (Aug. 23, 2012), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White held an impromptu conference call to announce that the UFC 151: "Jones vs. Henderson" pay-per-view (PPV) event scheduled for Sat., Sept. 1, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been cancelled.

The reason for this is a knee injury suffered by Dan Henderson in training. He was forced to pull out of his title shot against Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and the powers that be in Zuffa sought a new way to save to card. As it turned out, the only option they had was to call up Chael Sonnen, who immediately accepted the bout and told White he would fly out to "Sin City" right away.

There was just one problem with that -- Jones turned down the fight.

On order of his head trainer, Greg Jackson, "Bones" elected to say no, apparently despite knowing the entire event would be cancelled if he refused. This led to White cutting a big promo on his 205-pound champion, obviously upset at the money his company has wasted on promoting the show.

White's not the only one takings shots at Jones on Twitter. WWE Champion CM Punk made sure to chime in with his thoughts, just like he did when Jones was awarded a Nike sponsorship despite a recent DUI, and he's calling Jones out again.

"Being a man. A lost concept. ... Ok keyboard kids. Tell me what I do is fake, but at least I have heart. The irony is tangible. Who's phony now?? ... "Man up!"--the Briscoes. Bet ya Sun Tzu said that too. ... '@JoshLBarnett: @CMPunk Crush. Smash. Burn' Sometimes for duty. Sometimes for profit. Sometimes for fun. ... "@DeadMikeLocash: @CMPunk Bones would beat the shit out of your phony ass." Yup. But I'd fight him. Come to @wwenxt @FullSail !! Big show!"

Punk's smart enough to know this will get him publicity by SEO hungry bloggers like myself, but he's also candid as can be when it comes to his Twitter account. Make no mistake, he really feels this way and every opportunity he can get, he'll call out Jones for his perceived shortcomings, especially when it involves his good friend, Sonnen.

Cagesiders, we don't normally dive into the realm of MMA but let's get your thoughts on all this. Agree with Punk?

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