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AW fired from WWE, rants on Twitter about current state of the company (Updated)

Photo by <a href="" target="new">Jeremy Jagoda</a>.
Photo by Jeremy Jagoda.

A few weeks ago, AW, formerly known as Abraham Washington, was in the middle of some controversy due to statements he made on his "live mic" during a match for his kayfabe clients, The Prime Time Players. Washington alluded to the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case that occurred in Denver, Colorado, back in 2003.

Although Michael Cole immediately apologized once the broadcast came back from commercial, it didn't stop numerous media outlets from picking up on and quickly reporting the joke. AW apologized profusely to folks behind the curtain and the general public at large while WWE claimed they had taken appropriate action regarding the matter.

Today, AW has been tweeting about the consequences regarding his statements, and signs are pointing to AW no longer having a job in the WWE. Here is the series of tweets:

"AWPromotions is no more ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your support and hate, it's been a great run. Now I get to do me which isn't PG! ... @TitusONeilWWE & @DarrenYoungWWE thank you for allowing me to speak on your behalf. You guys are the best and I'm glad to call u my friends! ... I've offended the wrong people that taught me how to have ATTITUDE It was the #WWE that made me bold and now it has turned it's back on me ... Let this be a lesson to up and coming talent in the WWE don't try and be great like the Rock or Stone Cold. WWE isn't the same... ... Just be normal shut up and be a yes man so you can collect your check and feel like your special. #SELLOUTS!! ... I remember a time when the WWE didn't care about breaking the mold but now everyone is so afraid of their own shadow. #RemeberTheFans ... Thanks to the fans who showed me support over the whole Kobe thing and to those I upset I apologize again. Remember It's entertainment folks."

Of course, it looks like this isn't a work and that WWE has cut ties after the unfortunate joke. However, we have seen strange blurring of the lines in pro wrestling in the past.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Fair to fire him for this offense? Or are you calling foul?

UPDATE: WWE has confirmed that AW has, in fact, been officially released from the company.

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