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MWF promoter Dan Mirade buries Kamala for his alleged lies

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Kamala will receive $425 from the Millenium Wrestling Federation, but no word yet on whether Dawn Marie's Wrestlers Rescue will pay up too.  Photo via <a href=""></a>.
Kamala will receive $425 from the Millenium Wrestling Federation, but no word yet on whether Dawn Marie's Wrestlers Rescue will pay up too. Photo via

As they say, there's always two sides to every story. Yesterday, former WWE superstar James "Kamala The Ugandan Giant" Harris, who recently had both his legs amputated from complications due to diabetes and high blood pressure, posted a YouTube video criticising both the Millenium Wrestling Federation (MWF) and Dawn Marie's Wrestlers Rescue for failing to send him any money yet from their fundraising attempts on his behalf. The donations would go towards a new prosthetic leg that his medical insurance company refuses to pay for.

In the case of the MWF, it seems that Kamala was exaggerating his difficulties with them for personal sympathy, perhaps a sign of how desperately he needs cash and upset he was at the promotion for dragging their feet at sending him the money they raised at a show called MWF Cares Day on Sunday July 15th.

Indeed, MWF promoter Dan Mirade has responded to Kamala's allegations with a lengthy burial on his website today. In his post, Mirade uploaded a photo of a money order for $425 that he sent to the Cauliflower Alley Club (CAC) on July 27th and a copy of an email sent yesterday morning that was CCd to Kamala from Kurt Lauer, the Executive Vice President of the CAC, saying that he received the money order and would send a cheque to Kamala as soon as possible:

IMPORTANT: before I even begin, as you can probably tell by the photograph above as well as the email Karl Lauer (Executive Vice President of the Cauliflower Alley Club) sent to myself and Kamala yesterday, there is no issue with money being sent. Zero. Zilch. It's a continuation of Kamala's lifelong "poor me" pity party that led him to walk out of numerous promotions (without giving notice), burning bridges, costing himself thousands of dollars he could have in the bank right now. If Kamala made his YouTube video after July 27th, that speaks to his character and integrity as well, as James Harris saw the photograph of it days before the email from Karl.

Mirade goes on to detail how his relationship with Kamala fell apart after communications with him briefly fell apart due to his own health problems with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and also the numerous other charities and wrestlers that his promotion has helped out without any complaint. Mirade even contacted WWE, who helped him find a college university that specialises in creating replacement limbs for war amputees so that Kamala could get the best treatment possible. I could have done without the name calling by Mirade like "shame on you,... you gutless pussy", but it sounds like he had very good reason to be angry at Kamala after all he was doing for him.

Meanwhile, Dawn Marie has remained silent on this issue so far. She may not be quite so innocent, as two years ago, soon after she publicised her Wrestlers Rescue charity in a New York Times article on Linda McMahon's WWE past, stories surfaced that nobody knew where the money she had raised had gone to, with allegations that she was using the proceeds to fly herself into conventions and profit from autograph signings. However, at the time, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Wrestlers Rescue had at least donated $3,000 to the late "Dr. Death" Steve Williams' astronomical medical bills before his unfortunate passing from throat cancer. Nothing has been heard of since about who else has benefitted from all the other money Marie has surely raised since establishing her foundation.