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The Rock advances to Sweet Sixteen in Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament

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Although it's been nearly seven years since his untimely death, Eddie Guerrero is still super over with pro wrestling fans, at least those that frequent our site.

We know this because "Latino Heat," as an eight seed, nearly knocked off The Rock, a one seed and the fourth ranked wrestler in the entire Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament. The final tally came in with Rock scoring a 108-70 victory, which puts him in the Sweet Sixteen, where he will meet Chris Jericho.

What a way to close the second round.

Check out the vote tally list after the jump. Normally, I would remind you to vote in today's match-up but there isn't one. As stated, the second round is officially in the books. Later today, we'll release the schedule for round three.



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