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Matt Morgan continues teasing WWE return on his Twitter account

Photo by <a href="" target="new">KnightNephrite of Wikimedia Commons</a>.
Photo by KnightNephrite of Wikimedia Commons.

The last time Matt Morgan stepped foot inside a Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling ring, it was roughly one month ago at a house show where he defeated his former tag team partner, Crimson ... clean.

This was odd because house shows almost always feature babyfaces going over. My colleague Keith Harris wondered if it wasn't a last ditch effort on TNA's part to keep him from jumping to their main competition, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). If it was, it doesn't appear to have made any difference, as Keith said it probably wouldn't.

Now, Morgan is answering fans on Twitter who are wondering if he's officially inked a deal to make his return to WWE:

@EslamShepherd well, I KNOW the answer to that one, and very soon EVERYONE WILL KNOW the answer. ‪#ChangeIsGood

Morgan's desire to ditch TNA stems from his being unhappy with how he's been used during his time with the organization. Essentially, he's long felt he was never positioned properly and the lack of an extended run with a major title has him wanting to take his talents up north.

WWE has reportedly shown interest in signing Morgan but there's been little movement on either side thanks to the lawsuit TNA filed against WWE that is still dragging out. Once that's cleared up, it's safe to say Morgan will be back from the land he once came.

Sound good to everyone?

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