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TNA Destination X results and reactions from last night (July 8): And your NEW World Heavyweight Champion...

Photo via <a href="">Impact Wrestling</a>
Photo via Impact Wrestling

What an incredible night.

Ever since James Storm failed to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Bobby Roode at Lockdown, the accepted train of thought has been he will get his second crack at the title at Bound for Glory, thus ending Roode's nearly-year long reign of terror.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Impact Zone.

Austin Aries, the X-Division Champion, was getting cheered more and more. It became so that TNA couldn't help but entertain the possibility of giving "A Double" a run with the promotion's top title. Hulk Hogan put over the Ring of Honor veteran so big some buffoons thought it was a joke at Aries' expense.

What those idiots failed to realize is Aries really is that damn good.

When Hogan offered him a shot at Roode's title at Destination X in exchange for giving up his own title, Aries accepted on one condition: going forward, whoever holds the X Division title can do the same if they so choose whenever the pay-per-view rolled around.

"The Hulkster" loved the idea and agreed which brought us to last night.

It was a night which saw two new champions crowned in one of the best shows of the year.

Full reactions after the jump.

  • The show started off with the Last Chance four-way to wrestle for a spot in the Ultimate X match. A fun opener with a lot of high flying, the match set the tone for the rest of the show. My only complaint is Rubix didn't win but then again, I'm as big a CHIKARA mark as there gets.
  • Mason Andrews then took on Kid Kash next and won his way into the Ultimate X match to decide a new X-Division champ. The next three matches were in the same vein as Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion secured their spots in the co-main event.
  • The only match to feature non-X-Division wrestlers was Samoa Joe taking on Kurt Angle. It was a Bound for Glory Series match which saw Joe choke Angle unconscious to earn himself 10 points and the number one ranking in the tournament-style offering. But Storm is only a point behind and there are still a couple months left to go.
  • Had it not been for the fantastic main event, the Last Man Standing match between A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels would have been Match of the Night. Very little high flying but a ton of bad blood brawling turned this match into a must see between the two former friends. The end, an insane spot, saw the Triple Crown Champion Styles Clash Daniels off the entrance ramp and through a table. Holy poop, indeed.
  • The Ultimate X match ended with Zema Ion as the new X-Division Champion and was pretty underwhelming. Despite him and talents like Dutt and King, the match fell flat. Hopefully Ion's reign doesn't follow suit.
  • And finally, the main event. Wow. What a great match. Before the match started, I wrote TNA should pull the trigger on an Aries title run and have him lose it back at No Surrender so they can bring closure to Roode's storyline with Storm. Is that still in the cards? Who knows but one thing is certain, Aries winning the title was a completely pleasant surprise. When he lifted Roode up and slammed him down onto his head with his patented Brainbuster, everyone in the Impact Zone just about lost their mind. When "A Double" got the pin, they exploded.
  • TNA, I swear to Odin, if you hotshot the title back to Roode on Impact, I will go to Orlando and burn down your studio.

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