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TNA Destination X results and live match coverage TONIGHT (July 8) from Orlando

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TNA Destination X 2012 is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., July 8, 2012) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Destination X below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show has the interesting match-up between X-Division Champion Austin Aries and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. Aries was given the opportunity to vie for the promotion's top title but had to give up his own title in the process. Will it pan out for him?

But since a new X-Division champion needs to be crowned, a series of five matches culminating in an Ultimate X match will go down to do so. Everyone from Zema Ion to Rubix -- Jigsaw from CHIKARA -- to former Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion Kenny King has an opportunity to win the strap.

There's also a bad blood match between former best friends A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels as well as a Bound for Glory Series match between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries def. Bobby Roode
Last Man Standing match: A.J. Styles def. Christopher Daniels
Bound for Glory Series match: Samoa Joe def. Kurt Angle
Last Chance Four Way: Mason Andrews def. Dakota Darsow, Lars Only, and Rubix
X Division Championship Tournament Semifinal match 1: Mason Andrews def. Kid Kash
X Division Championship Tournament Semifinal match 2: Kenny King def. Doug Williams
X Division Championship Tournament Semifinal match 3: Sonjay Dutt def. Rashad Cameron
X Division Championship Tournament Semifinal match 4: Zema Ion def. Flip Casanova
Ultimate X Tournament Final match: Zema Ion def. Mason Andrews, Kenny King, and Sonjay Dutt

Sergio here, folks. WE ARE LIVE~!

Video package starts the show off.

Rubix vs. Manson Andrews vs. Lars Only vs. Dakota Darsow


Darsow and Only out of the ring early and Rubix and Andrews start us off. "RU-BIX" chant early. He sends Andrew to the outside and looks to plancha but Only attacks from behind and nails him with a hurricanrana. Rubix rolls to the outside and Darsow makes his way back in.

He's taking it to Only, slamming him down onto the mat while also knocking Rubix off the apron with a back elbow. Two count for Darsow who is dominating Only. Rubix sneaks up to the top rope and nails Darsow with a cross body splash.

Darsow is able to regain control but Andrews makes his presence once again known. Quick action from all four men and Darsow and Only find themselves knocked to the outside. Rubix whips Andrews to the ropes but Andrews ducks under the clothesline and NAILS DARSOW AND ONLY WITH A SPLASH!


Rubix and Andrews back inside the ring and Andrews threatens with a couple of submissions until Only comes in to break them up. Nice double-stunner type maneuver from Only who is in contrl. He sends Darsow out and begins working over Andrews.

Only to the top rope but Darsow racks him. Andrews goes up for a superplex but Darsow sets up a powerbomb... AND THEY NAIL IT!

Darsow goes for the pin on Andrews but the kick out sends him back into the corner. COAST TO COAST DROPKICK FROM RUBIX~!

All four men are taking turns on each other and we're finally left with Only and Andrews. Andrews hits a huge jumping knee and a nasty TKO~! Pin... THREE COUNT.

Winner: Andrews via pinfall

Kid Kash immediately makes his way to the ring and blindsides Andrews! He's under way!

Kid Kash vs. Mason Andrews

Kash brutalizing Andrews and does the boot on the chest pin. Kash misses a clothesline and eats a dropkick for his trouble. Two count for Andrews on a crucifix pin but Kash is able to reverse a move and drops Andrews across the top rope.

Kash back in control and gets a two count. Forearms shot from Kash. He scoops Andrews up and spills him down. A backbreaker from Kash is followed up by a double axe-handle from the second rope. Bodyslam in the corner as Kash looks to possibly land something off the top rope. Instead, he flips Andrews off, slaps his face and goes for the pin.

Andrews kicks out at two and Kash continues to batter him. Submission attempt from Kash as the crowd gets behind the TNA newcomer. Andrews punches out of the hold but Kash drops him back to the mat with a hard elbow.

Hard chop from Kash and he sends his opponent to the outside. Kash jaws with a fan and rolls his opponent back inside. Bodyslam in the corner and Kash climbs to the second rope. He hops onto the top and flies off but Andrews gets his knees up!

Andrews finally getting some offense in and he's got Kash on his heels. A missile dropkick gets a two count as does a flying knee.

Kash starts to regain control but a missed knee from Kash gets countered into a roll-up. THREE COUNT!

Winner: Andrews via pinfall

Christy Hemme is backstage with Joe. He picks Aries to win.

Doug Williams vs. Kenny King

Williams gets King to the mat early with a headlock. Head scissors from King but Williams is able to pop his head out and threatens with an ankle lock. Wristlock from Williams but it's reversed. Williams back on top with another headlock.

King is sent to the outside and Williams follows but King is quick to get back in. He slingshots over the top rope and flattens his opponent out. Back inside, suplex from the former ROH tag champ. Drop-toe hold is followed up with a headlock by King.

Williams is able to regain control momentarily but King snatches the momentum back.

Sunset flip into a pin gets two for King. Williams is back to get on the offensive and lands some stiff forearms in the corner. Whip from corner to corner and Williams gets a jumping knee. Williams looks to string some moves together but an atomic drop and a kick from King prevents that.

Two clotheslines from King leads to a leg lariat. Williams regains control from King. Another knee in the corner but the Briton sits King on the top. King hops over Williams and scoops him... slams him down. Three count.

Winner: King via pinfall

Hemme backstage with Christopher Daniels

Sonjay Dutt vs. Rashad Cameron

Some quick flippy floppy offense to start. Cameron is throwing shade on Dutt. Dropkick from the TNA veteran. He's dumped to the outside and Cameron hits a HUGE splash.

Action back inside. Cameron is able to work Dutt over until the veteran sends him to the outside. A baseball dropkick from Dutt has Cameron reeling but once they get back inside the ring, the newcomer is able to regain the advantage.

Dutt is finally able to turn the tide by dropping Cameron across the top rope and then hitting a springboard splash from the apron for two. Cameron is quick to get back on the offensive, though, and slaps on an armbar.


Wow. Three count.

Winner: Dutt via pinfall

Video package about Jesse Sorensen who broke his neck during Against All Odds.

Oh, snaps, Sorensen is in the building. He makes his way to the ring.

Sorensen said Dixie Carter asked him if he was nervous. He said it's good to feel anything. The last thing he heard before he was stretchered was the Impact Zone fans chanting his name. He says he's a professional wrestler and always will be.

He says he hopes Zema Ion wins the belt tonight so he can beat him for it. "This time next year, Destination X 2013, I will be the TNA X Division Champion." He says he'll cash in the title for a World Heavyweight title shot.

Zema Ion makes his way out for his match as Sorensen walks backstage. Aaaawkard.

Zema Ion vs. Flip Casanova

Ion with chops in the corner but eats a dropkick. Headscissors takedown from Casanova sends Ion to the outside and Casanova flattens him with a splash. Back inside, he knocks Ion down with an elbow. Standing moonsault from the newcomer is countered by Ion when he kicks him mid-air. Nice.

Knees to the back from Ion as Casanova is draped along the middle rope. Ion firmly in control after a diving dropkick through the ropes.

Wow, quick match. I dip to the kitchen for a drink and it's over. Ion picks up the win.

Winner: Ion via pinfall

Hemme backstage with the first three winners of the Ultimate X match. Roode interrupts and throws shade of the X Division and Aries.

Bound for Glory Series match: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

They lock up and and Joe gets a shoulder block takedown. They begin scrambling, each going for their finishers until they break.

Another lockup and Angle gets Joe on the mat. Joe lifts him up and drives him into the corner. Unloading with punches, Joe then boots Angle in the face before launching the running boot.

Angle back on his feet and eats more punches and then a European uppercut. Joe bounces off the ropes but eats an elbow from his opponent. Angle charges but his back body dropped to the outside. Joe flies through the ropes and hits Angle with a forearm.

Back inside the ring, Angle gains the advantage after a kick to Joe as he enters the ring. Mudhole stomping in the corner from Angle who gets an irish whip to the corner reversed. Joe with a forearm and then a kick. MuscleBuster attempt from Joe is blocked fro Angle who nails his opponent from behind with a dropkick from the ropes.

Chinlock from Angle. Joe tries to fight back but the Olympic Gold medalist quashes the attempt. Another chinlock from Angle on a downed Joe. The Samoan gets back to his feet and breaks the hold. Punches from Joe who gets whipped to the corner. He gets to the top and Angle hops up, looking for a belly to belly.

Joe boxes Angle's ears and drops with a leg lariat. They're going back and forth. Joe hits an atomic drop and then a big boot for two.

Powerslam on Angle after he bounces off the ropes gets a two count. Joe slaps on an armbar but Angle reverses into an ankle lock. Joe boots him off but Angle locks up a German suplex. One... then two.. can he hit a third?

BOOM! Three Germans from Angle.

Olympic Slam countered into an armdrag. Nasty boot in the corner from Joe. He sets up another MuscleBuster but Angle floats over and locks in the ankle lock. Joe is able to roll through and kick Angle off. Joe makes his way to the corner and Angle charges but gets slammed down hard.

MuscleBuster finally hits! One, two, thre... NO! Angle kicks out.

Choke from Joe but its countered into another ankle lock from Angle. Joe is heading for the ropes but he's hurting. Angle drags him back to the middle of the ring. Angle looks to possibly grapevine the hold but Joe grabs his tights and pulls Angle down. He locks in a choke!

Angle gets to his feet and counters the hold into an Angle Slam! Two count!

Uh oh, the straps are down. Ankle Lock attempt sees Joe deliver a couple of kicks to Angle's skull. Angle goes for another Angle Slam but Joe floats over and sinks in another joke. This time, Joe traps one of Angle's arms.


Winner: Samoa Joe via technical submission

Pretty solid match considering the time constraints.

The submission victory puts Joe in the number one spot with 37 points. THIRTY SEVEN?!

Video package for Daniels/Styles. This storyline is laaaaaame.

Last Man Standing match: Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles

Immediately Daniels heads to the outside. He does it a few times until Styles give chase. Back inside the ring and Daniels spits in his former friend's face. Styles with some punches and again is forced to chase down Daniels. Styles catches him and rams him back-first into the guard railing.

They're exchanging strikes on the outside. Back inside the ring. Daniels in control with some headbutts. He bounces off the ropes and eats a dropkick from Styles.

Styles firmly in control right now. He hits a really nice suplex into the corner. Don't think I've ever seen that before. Bodyslam from Styles but he misses the jumping knee. Daniels backs Styles into the corner after a couple of kicks and hits him with two chops before missing the third.

Styles ducks under and delivers three chops of his own. Corner to corner whip is reversed by Daniels who then nails Styles with a stiff punch and then a kick. "The Fallen Angel" tosses a chair inside the ring and then goes on the offensive on the outside of the ring.

He rolls Styes back inside the ring and props the chair up. He looks to slam Styles into it but Styles blocks it. Daniels in the corner and Styles uses the chair to launch himself. Daniels moves and Styles crashes into the turnbuckle. Rock Bottom through the chair, YIKES~!

Styles is sent to the outside. Daniels jaws with some fans before slamming Styles head-first in the ring steps. Daniels goes back and forth with the fan. Styles busted open. Suplex on the outside from Daniels. He sets the steps up and looks to whip his opponent into them.

Styles fights off the attempt and tries to gain some momentum but eats a big boot. Back inside the ring and Styles is whipped hard into the corner. Daniels folds up the chair and brandishes it. He charges Styles but Styles kicks his opponent. He gets to the apron and springboards onto Daniels, driving a forearm into the steel chair which goes in Daniels' skull.

To the outside and Styles drives Daniels into the steel steps. Daniels is now bloody as Styles goes to work on his former friend.

Daniels is high tailing it out of there but Styles follows him. They're brawling at the top of the entrance ramp. Daniels nearly falls off but keeps his footing. Styles gets some running room and charges his opponent but both men hit running clotheslines and they collapse hard onto the ramp.

They're up, trading punches. Styles with a Gator Kick. He sets up a Styles Clash but Daniels flips him over. Hard punch from Daniels. He tries to bash Styles against the steel structure but Styles fights it off. He climbs up and hits the flipping inverse DDT!

Hebner with the 10 count. Kazarian rushes out from the back and shoves Styles off the ramp! Styles spills to the ground below and the referee begins the 10 count on him.

Styles makes it back to his feet at 8 and Daniels is quick to attack. Daniels heads to the ring and pulls out a table. He drags it back towards Styles and sets it up.

Daniels tosses Styles on the ramp and drags him above the table. He looks to set up a Last Rites but Styles shoves him off and into Kazarian. Second Gator Kick!

No... NO... NO WAY?!


Styles gets to his feet at nine and we have a winner winner chicken dinner!

Winner: Styles via 10 count

What an ending.

More Twitter stuff. All the good guys are picking Aries, all the rulebreakers are Team Roode, obviously. Twitter poll shows 71% think "A Double" wins the strap tonight.

Hemme is backstage with Aries. I wonder if they actually pull the trigger on him tonight. Maybe he loses it back to Roode in the next few months so we get a proper Roode/Storm blowoff.

Video package highlighting the first four X-Division matches.

Ultimate X Tournament Final match: Mason Andrews vs. Kenny King vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion

My Special Lady says Zema Ion looks like the guy from High School Musical. Can someone confirm or deny?

Ion tries to immediately climb up but the three others stop him. Triple dropkick onto Ion as he jumps off the top rope. Nice.

Dutt and King inside the ring. Dutt takes him out and begins climbing. King and Ion knock him off and Ion also dumps King to the outside. Andrews with a top rope kick onto Ion. Ion drops him and starts to climb but King is back inside to stop him.

Ion is hung up, Tree of Woe-style and King tosses Andrews into him. Nice. King looking to climb but Dutt stops him. Brawling on the apron. Cartwheel-type kick on Dutt. King hops up and begins making his way to the belt. Dutt with a springboard dropkick and then a nasty elbow drop.

Uh oh, Dutt is holding his elbow and slowly rolls out of the ring. Looks to be legit. Yep, he's being walked to the back, it looks like.

Ion goes for the belt but he's stopped. All three men are on the mat now. Ion rolls to the outside and King begins climbing. Andrews with a forearm shot to the back and he climbs up. They spill onto the mat.

King with a suplex on Andrews.

Yep, Dutt looks to be out of the match. King looks to plancha Ion but the Filipino moves out of the way. No such luck with Andrews jumps as he flattens both his opponents down before climbing up.

King salvages his title chances by spearing Andrews. Oh snaps, Dutt is back! Ion somehow gets tangled up in the structure. King and Andrews climbs towards the belt and start brawling upside down. They both fall.

HOLY HELL, Dutt and Ion have climbed to the very top the structure. They meet in the middle and exchange punches. They lower down and Ion sprays Dutt in the face with the hairspray! Dutt drops and Ion wins the match.

Hun. That was.... underwhelming.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Zema Ion via grabbing the belt

Hemme with Ion at ringside. He dedicates the win to his haters and critics. But most of all, he dedicates it to Sorensen and his broken neck. The smarks behind him are chanting "transition." Yeah, you guys are so cool.

Video package for the main event.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Austin Aries

Based on the time, this should get 20-30 minutes. Good.

Lockup and Roode puts Aries in the corner. They break but the champs slaps "A Double" on the chest. Headlock from Roode who makes it to the ropes. They break and Aries gives him a chest slap of his own. Nice.

Lockup and a wristlock from the champ. He snaps the arm and works it over. Aries flips out of it and reversed it. Roode tries to do the same but Aries keeps it locked on. Aries sent to the ropes and Roode drops him with a shoulder block.

Some rope running, dropdowns and leapfrogs which leads to a submission attempt from Aries on the mat. They're back on their feet and lock up again. Aries gets Roode to the mat and floats over to his back before paintbrushing Roode's head.

Relaxing along the top rope, Aries is sprawled out. Roode charges but Aries hops onto the apron and drops Roode neck-first along the top rope.

Springboard senton and then an elbow drop for two. Roode manages to lock up a head scissors. Aries pops out but gets caught a second time. Headstand from Aries and he pops out again, hitting Roode with a dropkick.

Double axe handle from the top to the outside onto Roode. Back inside, a missile dropkick misses and the champ takes over. Big knee drop gets a two count for Roode. He follows up with a headlock. Aries elbows out of it but eats a back elbow after he bounces off the ropes.

Knee drop from the top misses for the champ and Aries begins hitting leg kicks. He looks to lock up the Last Chancery but Roode gets to the ropes. "A Double" firmly in control until Roode heads to the outside. Aries goes for the suicide dive but the champ sidesteps it and the challenger gets a mouthful of guard rail.

Back inside, Roode hits a spear for two and then presses his boot into his opponent's chest. Front suplex fails to keep Aries down. Bear hug from the champ. Aries bounces off the ropes and gets nailed with a stiff knee from the champ.

Roode slams his opponent backfirst into the turnbuckle and delivers a chop. Hard corner to corner whip drops "A Double" to the mat. Boot to the body. Another corner to corner whip but Roode eats an elbow on the way in. He maintains control by scooping Aries up and slamming him down for a two count.

Another bear hug. Aries gets back to his feet but is dropped right back down. Again, back on his feet and some elbows break the hold. Aries off the ropes and he floats over a knee attempt with a roll-up. Roode kicks out and nails a stiff clothesline for two.

Aries gets some momentum on his way and looks to hit the corner dropkick but Roode catches him mid-air and slams him down.

Aries tries to sneak in a Last Chancery but it's counter by a crossface! Aries rolls through and locks in his signature submission! Roode is going to tap! NO! He racks the eyes to break the hold.

Aries gets to the tope rope and fends Roode off. The champ is laid out. 450 Splash~! Roode moves but Aries rolls through! He charges the champ but eats a spinebuster! The challenger gets sent, shoulder-first, into the turnbuckle and Roode crossfaces Aries.

The former X-Division champ tries to roll through bu Roode keeps the hold locked in. Aries gets to the ropes and Roode heads outside to grab the belt. The ref stops him from using it and as his back is turned to put the belt away, Roode hits a low blow. One, two, thre... NO!

Aries kicks out!

Roode is arguing with the ref. He shoves him. The ref shoves him back into the corner. CORNER DROPKICK! Brainbuster.... NO! Roode floats over and shoves the challenger into the ref. The zebra is laid out. Roode with a title shot! NO!

Roode wakes the referee up BUT ARIES KICKS OUT AT THREE~!

Fisherman suplex attempt from Roode but Aries counters with a roll-up! PUNT! BRAINBUSTER!!!!




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