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Bound for Glory Series standings updated after TNA Impact on July 5

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling continued its Bound for Glory (BFG) Series on last night's (July 5, 2012) episode of Impact with only one match that affected the standings.

But Xplosion on July 4 also saw a BFG Series match that also played a part, though the company did a terrible job of making sure folks knew as much by airing footage on Impact. Even though they promised to do so when this thing kicked off.


Magnus pinned D'Angelo Dinero on Xplosion to pick up seven points and Jeff Hardy pinned James Storm on Impact to pick up seven points of his own.

Here's a look at the updated standings:

1. James Storm -- 36 points
2. Samoa Joe -- 27 points
3. Jeff Hardy -- 14 points
3. Magnus -- 14 points
5. Kurt Angle -- 10 points
6. Mr. Anderson -- 9 points
7. D'Angelo Dinero -- 7 points
7. Rob Van Dam -- 7 points
9. Christopher Daniels -- 5 points
10. Bully Ray -- 0 points
10. Robbie E -- 0 points
10. AJ Styles -- 0 points

Upcoming matches already announced include Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe at Destination X this Sunday night on pay-per-view and Angle vs. Mr. Anderson next week on Impact.

All told, it still seems as though we're headed for a Storm victory but Hardy's win over him last night on Impact sure made it look like he's the guy the fans want. Let's hope no one gets cold feet and they follow through on the natural storyline.

Then again, TNA.

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