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The Indie Corner: An Interview with Denver Colorado about Taking Over WSU

This is an interview I conducted along with Leslie Lee of Dirty Dirty Sheets to Denver Colorado/Drew Cordeiro, owner of both Beyond Wrestling and now Women's Superstars Uncensored. It's a fairly in-depth interview where Cordeiro answers a lot of questions about why he bought the women's wrestling company, what his plans are for integration and cooperation in the future and addressing so many of the concerns that people might have both about the takeover and about WSU in general.

The takeover will become official July 20th, when the papers are officially signed and the transfer is complete. Cordeiro will (thankfully) take over the WSU Twitter account from Sean McCaffrey, and the official promotion of the company will begin. While Les and I took great care to answer as many questions as thoroughly as possible, there may still be questions you have about the whole thing. If so, please feel free to tweet @beyondwrestling for any and all pertinent concerns.

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