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TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for July 5: The 'Destination X' go home show

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AJ Styles via

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., July 5, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show of the summer series that will run through the next however many weeks.

On tonight's episode, we'll get continued fallout from the Crackhead (but suddenly pregnant) Claire angle, thanks to Christopher Daniels busting out with the news last week that AJ Styles is the father. Dixie Carter was shocked!

Shocked, I tell you!

The main event of the evening will feature a Bound for Glory Series match pitting James Storm, the current points leader, taking on Jeff Hardy, who has a ton of ground to make up. Time limits are now set at 15 minutes, too, so they have a little extra time to work their magic.

And don't forget, this is the go home show to the Destination X pay-per-view this Sunday night, so expect plenty of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Oh, and even more X Division action.

All that and more.

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Geno here ... reluctantly.

Broadcast is live.

Video replay of last week and a rundown of what to expect this week.

We'll start with Bully Ray, who comes out making a bee line for the ring.

He says he's got a big, big, big, huge announcement to make right now. Hell must have froze over because as of right now, Bully Ray is officially going live on Twitter.

Or Twittah, as he calls it.

The crowd starts chanting that he sucks. He says you might think that but in about one second he's going to be trending worldwide.

He then proceeds to tweet in the center of the ring.

I'm this close to fucking deleting this post and forgetting about this stupid promotion.

Ray demands that Joseph Park come down to the ring. He does and Ray accepts his match. Park starts talking about legal precedent before he gets cut off and Park says he's sick of Ray being a bully and he's going to continue the precedent and beat Ray again next Thursday night.

They agree to the match and that it will be everything goes, just like last time. Except this time, Ray busts out a paper and says it's a restraining order on Abyss. So if Abyss shows up next week, he's going to jail.

Ray goes to walk out but gets a cheap shot on Park before leaving.


Backstage and Hulk Hogan is chatting with Austin Aries.

They're talking about being three days away from Destination X. Hogan says he needs the X Division title tonight and then he needs Aries to make a serious statement in the ring against Bobby Roode.

"What happens to you predicts what happens to this company."

What does that even mean?


They do a pre-tape interview with someone trying to get answers out of Dixie Carter on Crackhead Claire. She refuses to answer anything.

Bruce Prichard and Al Snow are there and they shoo the interviewer away.


The weekly TNA television title defense is back.

Devon vs. Crimson -- Quick roll up from Crimson gets two. Elbow in the corner and another pinfall attempt, this time using the ropes. Two count. Snapmere looks ugly. Clothesline and another pin attempt and another two count.

Devon comes back with a big spear. Clothesline then an elbow. Big splash in the corner. He gets clotheslined coming off the ropes, though. Crimson again tries a roll up but it's ugly as hell and Devon flips over on him.

Ugh. This is pathetic.

Devon gets the pin not long after.

Out comes Madison Rayne and she climbs in the ring. She stares down Devon but pushes him out of the way and passionately kisses Earl Hebner. Apparently, he's the guy she had a big crush on.


Chris Sabin in the ring with a mic and crutches.

He talks about his dreams as a kid of being a professional wrestler. But now his dream has become a nightmare. His family and friends told him he can't do this anymore thanks to the many injuries he's suffered, including both knees.

He also says a doctor told him he needs to consider retiring and finding something else to do with his life.

The crowd, for their part, is into this, or at least acting like it. They start chanting his name and then Bobby Roode's music hits.

Oh, this is an awesome heel move. Finally, something good.

Roode starts by saying Sabin has such a sad, emotional story. Watching Sabin out here with his crutches and sunglasses on fighting back tears, it's pathetic. Just like every other X Division wrestler in the company complaining about injuries, it's pathetic.

This is good stuff.

Roode says they all risk their bodies every night for no reward. And this Sunday night, Aries will risk it all by relinquishing the X Division title to tango with Roode for the real world heavyweight title. And just like Sabin, he'll take the risk, get no reward and have his career ended just like that.

Roode then kicks Sabin's crutch out from underneath him and starts kicking at it. This is a legit injury, so I'm surprised by this dedication here.

Awesome heat for Roode and Aries runs in to make the save. Roode, the true coward champion he is, runs out.


Dakota Darsow vs. Flip Casanova -- I don't watch independent wrestling, so I don't know who these two are. They're putting in work, though, with Flip doing ... uh ... flips ... and looking like a boss doing it. Darsow responding with a dropkick of his own.

Tazz then says Darsow was executing "ground-n-pound" when he was on top of Flip and landing punches.

No, Tazz. Just ... no.

Hurricanrana from Casanova and that sends Darsow out. A big boot hits and he does a flying 180 backflip twist of insanity. Looked awesome.

Back in the ring and Darsow does an elbow drop from standing, then a leg drop. He goes up top but misses a moonsault. Casanova comes off the top himself with a flying clothesline that hits. He goes back up top again and hits a huge 450 backflip. I don't know if he was supposed to land on Darsow's stomach with his ass, but he did and that looked rough.

Anyway, it was enough to get the pin.


Backstage interview with Miss Tessmacher. They ask her what she thinks of Gail Kim's legal maneuvering. She says she thinks it's a joke. But tonight she's happy to have a tag match with her best friend, Tara.

Tara starts saying "boo" a lot, as a term of endearment, and hugs her a lot and they go to commercial.


Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher and Tara -- Rayne attacks Tessmacher to start the match. She goes for a quick pin and gets one.

Seriously, what is it with these pin attempts a half second into the match?

Kim tags in and she starts working over Tessmacher. Flying clothesline off the ropes gets a two count. Kim really must have thought she got all of that clothesline because why go for the pin there?

She goes for a flying crossbody but misses and it's time for a hot tag.

Here comes Tara and Rayne. The babyface takes control with clotheslines, then hits a suplex and a kip up. Fireman's carry slam gets a two count. She sends Rayne into Kim to knock her off the apron then hits the Widow's Peak before tagging in Tessmacher, who hits her finisher and gets the pin.


AJ Styles hits the ring. Tazz says he's got some explaining to do. Let's see how they make this worse.

He starts by saying simply, "here we go again." He talks straight into the camera and says Christopher Daniels was full of shit with his original accusations and now he's full of shit with these.

"I don't get it, man, what are you after?"

Daniels music hits and Kazarian comes out with him. Kazarian speaks first. He says, "You don't get it? Let me tell you what you do get. You get junkie whore's pregnant."

Oh, what the hell.

Kazarian calls Styles a redneck and Styles threatens to take his head off. Daniels starts in and says he's not making empty allegations because he's got proof that Styles is the dad of Claire's unborn child.

AJ tells him to shut up and it's not about everyone else, it's about them. Styles goes all the way back to Destination X and says when his hand was raised, Daniels proved what a jealous prick he actually is. Now this year, they'll have a Last Man Standing match but here's the kicker -- Daniels is no man.

Yeah, good one, Styles.

Styles says he'll prove himself this Sunday night and shut up Daniels for good.


Backstage and Hogan is doing an interview with someone and we see the cameras.

Some dude just shows up and drops off a package for Hogan and says, "We're not cowards."

Hogan apologizes to his guests and opens the package to reveal a paper that says "See you next week" and has two Aces and two Eights playing cards, known as "Dead Man's Hand."

Hogan tells someone to go stop the guy, who apparently got in just by waltzing on by everyone.


Kenny King vs. Lars Only -- Apparently, King is a Ring of Honor tag champion. He takes the early edge with a headlock. Nice armdrag and King shows off before getting slapped in the face.

Only trips and gets a big kick on King through the ropes that gets two. He runs the ropes for what would have been a suicide dive but King met him in the ring with a leg lariat that looked awesome.

Roll up from Only gets two and he's destroyed by a clothesline right after. King sends him out of the ring. Goes out after him but once again gets slapped in the face.

King sends him against the ring and then hits a backflip. Looks for the cover back in the ring but gets two. Enzuigiri from King. Only comes back with elbows then a hurricanrana that sends King out to the floor. Oh shit, Only flies around the ring post to King on the outside for another hurricanrana. That was sweet.

Back in the ring and he gets a two count.

Back and forth a bit before King takes control and eventually gets a big backbreaker for the pin and the victory.


Backstage and Aries is with King chatting it up. They're talking each other up as old friends.

Off camera interviewer asks if Aries still plans on relinquishing the belt. He says, yes, of course, but he has until 10 p.m. ET tonight.


They show the Bound for Glory Series leaderboard and Magnus has 14 points, which means they had a house show that affected the standings and didn't tell anyone about it. It's shit like that that makes people not want to get invested.


James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy -- I've missed almost this entire match thanks to some issues here at home. Coming in to a "Jeff" chant and Hardy hitting a baseball slide on Storm outside the ring. Hardy comes over the top and they both topple to the floor.

Crowd sounds super hot for this match. Both guys are selling like they're really beat down. Storm up first and he beckons Hardy to follow. The crowd is chanting big for Hardy, which is the problem with matches like this when you're trying to push Storm as the next big babyface. The crowd still loves Hardy, for reasons I will never understand.

Hardy makes Storm miss and hits his leg kick deal in the corner. He goes up top for the Swanton but Storm moves out of the way. Now it's his turn to go up top while Hardy is laid out. Storm hits a flying elbow and Hardy kicks out after a deep two.

This is a damn fine match from what I've seen.

Storm taps the leg to call for the Last Call superkick. Hardy ducks under and hits the Twist of Fate.




He got him!

Crowd exploded and now I'm pissed I missed this match's start. It finished strong and was easily the best part of this shit show.

That's seven points for Hardy in the BFG Series and none for Storm, allowing others the chance to catch up to him a bit.

The two remain in the ring and give respect to each other with a handshake and a hug.


Out comes Hulk Hogan for the main event segment, which is he taking the X Division title from Aries. I'm wondering if we're not in for a swerve here, thanks to the way they've been building this.

The Impact Zone is hot for the Hulkster, chanting his name before he gets the chance to speak.

He starts by saying he loves to hear it this loud and wide open just before Destination X. He only hears it this loud when guys like Storm and Hardy are out here. Oh, and also Aries, so come on out, Austin.

Bobby Roode's music hits instead and he comes walking down for the second time.

He says pardon me for the interruption. Hogan interrupts. Roode interrupts him and tells him to shut up. Hogan interrupts again and Roode interrupts again.

Hogan wanted Aries, but Roode is the real world champion and he's out here with something to say. Hogan has been drinking the Aries kool aid and his deal of going along with option C is wrong because it has given false hope to all the fans and X Division wrestlers.

And when he takes Aries out on Sunday night, the blood will be on Roode's hands.

That's the cue for Aries' music. He comes out and says he'll let Roode bask in his glory for the next three days because after that, he won't have the belt.

Now, he's giving options again after shutting the crowd up.

Option A is to wait to give Hogan the belt and leave.

Option B is to give Hogan the belt and wait until Sunday to tear into Roode.

Option C is to get it going right now. The entire time Aries is speaking, Hogan is cheesing in the corner. Aries says he wants Option C and let's do this right now. They get in each other's face but Roode says Aries isn't worth it and goes to walk away.

Roode, of course, was trying to trick Aries and he swings on him with the world heavyweight title. He misses and Aries lays him out with the X-Division belt.

I like the symbology there. Aries gives Hogan the X Division title and then holds up the TNA heavyweight belt as the show fades out.

Solid closing angle.


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