James "Kamala" Harris speaks out against Dawn Marie, promoters using his name for benefit

Professional wrestling fans should be accustomed to the dark side of the business. Whether it be blatant racism used as a poor excuse for humor, disgusting storylines, or brutish behavior being a "rite of passage", there are many reasons to be disenchanted from the world of professional wrestling when the scummy actions that come through our TV screens bleed into reality.

Enter James "Kamala" Harris.

Harris has hit hard times since his heyday in professional wrestling. Often an outspoken critic about the working conditions of the business, Harris has had both of his legs amputated due to complications with diabetes and high blood pressure. Fans and promoters alike jumped at the opportunity to provide a wrestler in need with money to help make life a little easier.

Sadly, some fans lost money because of promoters taking advantage of the Kamala character. A few promoters and companies were named in a recent video from Harris, who claimed the organizations took advantage of his persona to pocket some easy cash. Most notably, former ECW and WWE female wrestler Dawn Marie Psaltis was named as one of those who exploited fans with a faux benefit organization.

Although there could be some sort of communication breakdown or a side of the story that isn't told, this is just another disenchanting moment for professional wrestling. Promoters are known to be shady at times, but if these claims hold their weight, then this is a truly vile act for all that chose to exploit someone in need.

Kamala can be reached via various outlets, as the video description states.

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