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Video: Backstage Fallout from Raw, featuring AJ Lee, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston

I am actually digging Backstage Fallout. It allows for little wrinkles to be added to storylines but coversely, aren't necessary to fully understand what's going on.

Today's installment covers the aftermatch of Raw General Manager AJ Lee's first night as the boss. She describes it as a "rush" and revels in satisfying her "revenge fantasy" on former fiance Daniel Bryan.

Dolph Ziggler also pops up, cutting a promo on Chris Jericho and it, of course, is awesome. "Wrestling is about the fifth best thing I do." Gold.

Check out that and what Kofi Kingston -- while R-Truth consoles Lil' Jimmy -- has to say to AW and his team, The Prime Time Players, in the video above.

Also, it IS pretty odd R-Truth legitimately thinks there's an invisible child hanging out with him at all times, right? Is it the ghost of his little brother? Just some random kid?

Enjoy, Cagesiders.

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