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Video: Randy Orton returns to WWE Raw to squash Heath Slater

Heath Slater may be a jobber but he's the best damn jobber WWE has seen in a very long time.

Last night's (July 30, 2012) episode of Monday Night Raw saw Slater express relief at the fact that the Legends "have gone back to the retirement home" so he can resume his career against wrestlers who are actually on the active roster.

This, of course, led to Randy Orton making his big return after a 60 day suspension for a Wellness Policy violation and the Slater Squash Tour continued.

It was glorious.

Orton looked smaller than he did before he left but just as smooth inside the ring. Slater has also become quite adept at selling. In fact, you could argue he's top five on the entire roster in that respect.

WWE may not have brought back a legend last night but a legend killer will have to do for now.

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