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CSS Pro Wrestling Tournament Second Round Match: (3) Bret Hart vs (6) Edge

Photo of Edge via Wikimedia Commons.
Photo of Edge via Wikimedia Commons.

The Cageside Seats (CSS) Pro Wrestling Tournament continues its second round with today's match-up pitting number three seed Bret Hart against number six seed Edge.

Hart didn't have a lot of trouble getting out of the first round, though that may have had more to do with his opponent. He scored a 309-112 win over Chris Benoit, easily advancing to what should be a tougher showdown.

Edge also made his way to the round of 32 with ease, as he defeated Scott Steiner by a score of 343-119. Will he have enough to upset the Excellence of Execution?

Remember, there's a new voting method this time around. In order to cast your vote, leave a comment and in the subject line make sure you adhere to the guidelines as follows:

To cast a vote for Hart simply write the following in the subject line: Vote - Hart.
To cast a vote for Edge simply write the following in the subject line: Vote - Edge.

That's all there is to it, folks. Only votes cast in that exact manner will be tallied, so remember to pay attention to how you comment when voting. After casting your vote, feel free to discuss the match-up as much as you would like after. There is no comment limit. Voting will close, as usual, at midnight CT.

Take a look at the updated bracket after the jump and for the complete round two schedule click here.


Bracket artwork by: June M. Williams

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