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Video: 2012 Olympic Games trials with Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam and Funny or Die

I have no words. How in the world did this come about? Who thought this up and decided to put it to film? Whoever it was, I want to thank them for three minutes and 10 seconds of hilarity.

I thought Kurt Angle had gone off the deep end. I mean, so deep that he was beyond reproach and WAY beyond being able to poke fun at himself.

How wrong I was.

Courtesy of Funny or Die comes this video highlighting his attempt to participate in the 2012 Olympics Games. And who's there to help him?

None other than Rob Van Dam. I'm pretty sure that dude wouldn't pass the standard IOC drug test but hey, Angle needed some back-up and RVD was there.

When wrestling became out of the question, Angle tried his hand at several other sports including ping pong, beach volley and badmintion.

Tee hee, shuttlecock.

Enjoy the video, Cagesiders.

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