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Dragon Gate USA Untouchable 2012 results and live match coverage TONIGHT (July 28) from Detroit

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Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA) Untouchable 2012 is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., July 28, 2012) from the Gibraltar Trade Center outside Detroit, MI at 8 p.m. ET, live on internet pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Untouchable 2012 below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

The card is headlined by a huge dream match between Johnny Gargano defending his Open the Freedom Gate Championship against "Mad Blankey" himself, Akira Tozawa. Both men are excellent performers inside the ring and will surely deliver a great match.

Will Tozawa walk away with the strap? Rumors are abound Gargano has yet to re-sign with the promotion...

Filling out the card is a tag team match between tomorrow's title contenders, CIMA and AR Fox, taking on El Generico and Samuray Del Sol.

I don't have to tell you how much of an El Generico mark I am, he's simply one of the best.

YAMATO returns to take on Ricochet, Pro Wrestling Guerilla Tag Team Champions Super Smash Brothers see action and so much more!

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage after the jump.


Open The Freedom Gate Title match: Johnny Gargano (c) def. Akira Tozawa
CIMA and AR Fox def. El Generico and Samuray Del Sol
YAMATO def. Ricochet
Rich Swann def. Chuck Taylor
Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Player Dos) def. The Scene (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed) with Larry Dallas

Sergio here, Cagesiders. Let's do this. Remember, you can order the event right here for as little as $9.99.


Jake Manning vs. Jon Davis

Before Davis comes out, Chuck Taylor who accompanied his stablemate to the ring, grabbed the stick and allowed "The Man Scout" to show the crowd how to build a proper campfire. Good stuff.


He attacks Taylor and they brawl to the back. Davis then makes his way out to the ring.

Manning attacks early but Davis soon recovers and takes over. Manning ducks out of the ring and the stream freezes.

Way to go, GABE.

A quick refresh and now Manning is in control. The commentator apologizes for earlier saying "camping tips for retards." Ha.

Davis keeps trying to turn the tide but Manning uses less than honorable means -- like an eye rake -- to stay in control. Davis and Manning now going chop for chop until "The Man Scout" hits his opponent with a boot to the gut. He bounces off the ropes but Davis meets him with a huge shoulder block.

Spinebuster is followed by a knee strike and a near fall for Davis. He's firmly in control now. Davis goes for his tilt-a-whirl powerbomb-type move but Manning floats over. Some elbows from Davis and he then hits "3 Seconds Around the World" for the pin.

Win: Davis via pinfall

Swann and Taylor are still brawling! They're back at ringside!

Looks like their match is starting.

Grudge match: Chuck Taylor vs. Rich Swann

More freezing stream issues but I do manage to catch Swann tossing Taylor through a see of folding chairs. We're finally back and ohmygod Taylor just dropped Swann on his head outside the ring!

Taylor smacktalking Swann who answers with a superkick. Taylor retaliates with a Rock Bottom.

Frozen stream. Ugh.

Swann hits a springboard ace crusher and both men are on the top rope. Swann goes for a hurricanrana but Taylor drops down and sinks in a half crab! NICE!

Swann makes it to the ropes but Taylor won't let go. The referee has seen enough!

Winner: Swann via disqualification

Out comes Gargano to fight Taylor off! Christina Von Eerie is out! She talks some smack and says the belt is going home with Tozawa. She pits in the champ's face! He balls up his fist but doesn't do anything. She laughs and says Gargano is nothing before leaving. Gargano helps Swann to the back.

Super Smash Brothers vs. The Scene

SSB almost knock over the entrance rig on their way out, hahaha.

Scott Reed and Player Uno start us off. They lock up and Uno takes control. Reed tags out to Caleb Konley as does Uno to Player Dos. Dos hits a nice standing hurricanrana and tags back out to his partner. They hit a nice double team move and my stream is once again frozen.


Now The Scene are in control and taking it to Dos. Suplex from Reed who literally has the worst haircut in the world. He tags back out to Konley after a near fall. Wishbone on Dos leads to another near fall for the Larry Dallas-managed team.

Another freeze. Yeah, I probably won't be ordering tomorrow's event. This is horrible.

We're back and Dos is control. Top rope splash to Reed, dropkick to Konley on the apron. He nearly gets flattened by Reed but counters and makes his way to the top. Missed double stomp but Uno comes in for a sidewalk slam/top ropes leg drop combo.

Dos sets up Reed in the corner and charges but nobody's home! Spinning crucifix bomb for two by Reed. Some nice double team moves from The Scene and Dos is in trouble! Uno comes in to help but eats a superkick. The Scene is looking to finish Dos off but he hits a double Gator Kick and makes the hot tag to Uno.

They're cleaning house but the Fatality attempt is blocked as Dos is shoved off the top rope. Nice DDT/German suplex-type tag team move on Uno. Slingshot senton splash by Dos breaks up the pin.

Freeze. OH JAYSIS~!

I guess SSB won.

Winners: Super Smash Brothers via pinfall, I guess.

ANOTHER EFFIN' FROZEN STREAM! I'm close to being done with this mess.

Ricochet vs. YAMATO

Before the match, Ricochet cuts a promo. YAMATO is rocking short, dark hair.

They lock up.

Frozen stream. Using the Live Help option to see if this can be fixed. If not, I'm done.

I'm back and YAMATO picks up the win.

Winner: YAMATO via pinfall

Jon Davis hits the ring and asks for the microphone. He congratulates YAMATO on his win but tells him tomorrow will be the fight of his life. The Japanese wrestler kicks him low and slaps on a sleeper. Awesome.


And we're back...

Derek Rise and N8 Mattson vs. Arik Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez

I never noticed it before but Sanchez looks kinda like Nick Diaz. He and Mattson lock up with Mattson getting the upper hand and frustrating the D.U.F. member.

He continues to stay in control and finally tags out to Rise. They hit a double armdrag on Sanchez and Rise take over. Tag back out to Mattson who gets slammed into the turnbuckle.

D.U.F. takes over from there. The crowd is not into this match at all.

Rise finally gets tagged but Cannon hits him with Total Anarchy.

Winners: Cannon and Sanchez via pinfall

Cannon gets the microphone and keeps hitting Rise with it until he rolls out. They bring up Sami Callihan's suspension and then introduce...


YES! MASADA is the newest member of D.U.F. according to Cannon. MASADA says sorry to burst Cannon's bubble but he's not joining any groups Cannon tells Sanchez to stand up to him.

We got a match, I guess?

MASADA vs. Pinkie Sanchez

Sanchez uses his speed early to avoid MASADA's onslaught but eventually the CZW Tournament of Death champion catches up with him. He uses a chair to smack Sanchez during a suicide dive attempt and then tosses him onto a bunch of chairs a couple of times.

Back inside the ring, Sanchez manages to hit a couple of dragon screws but MASADA quickly regains control. The DGUSA newcomer is now toying with Sanchez. The D.U.F. member floats over on a suplex attempt and hits a dropkick to the knee. Leg lariat hits for Sanchez but once again, MASADA takes over.

Powerslam off an irish whip for MASADA. A springboard for Sanchez gets countered into a powerbomb. A second powerbomb is followed by a STF-type move for the submission win.

Winner: MASADA via submission

The last time I saw him wrestle -- ACW's Guilty by Association 6 -- he gave Matthew Palmer a mohawk made of skewers. Yeah, he literally jammed skewers into a guy's skull. MASADA cray, yo.

CIMA and AR Fox vs. El Generico and Samuray Del Sol

CIMA and Generico start us off.

Quick action to start from the two. They tag out to Del Sol and Fox. Holy crap, Del Sol is incredible. Lot of fast paced action, very hard to keep up. Lots of flipping from both parties which ends in a double kip up and face-off. Awesome.

Generico in against Fox. Shoulder tackle by Fox but Generico answers back with a trio of armdrags.

Chop from Generico but Fox gets CIMA inside who takes over. The Japanese wrestler works over his opponent's arm but he counters into a roll-up for two. CIMA eats a eat and then Generico tags his partner in.

Kicks from Del Sol and a springboard splash gets two. CIMA manages to hit Del Sol with a suplex and tags Fox in. Fox with a boot and wraps Del Sol up but the masked luchador counters with a chinbreaker.

Tag out to Generico who works Fox over. Quick tags between the masked wrestlers. Double axe handle from Generico onto Fox which is soon followed up with an elbow from the top from Del Sol. He eventually gets sent to the ropes by Fox but he flips up and over, landing on the apron.

He looks to springboard over but CIMA grabs Del Sol and spills him to the outside. Generico runs into CIMA with an elbow but eats a dropkick from Fox. He rolls to the outside and Fox splashes onto all of them and it looked naaaasty.

CIMA and Del Sol back into the ring and Generico heads to the back. Fox gets tagged in and Del Sol continues to be worked over. Generico is back out with a taped shoulder which CIMA attacks. Jerk

Fox and CIMA work over Del Sol. Del Sol with a huge counter on Fox and both men are down. Tag to Generico! He's cleaning house! Fox nearly takes his head off but Del Sol saves him with a superkick! Splash to the outside onto Fox! Generico gets a two count with a Blue Thunder powerbomb!

Del Sol back inside! They double up on CIMA, Del Sol with a 450 splash! CIMA sent to the corner. He lifts Del Sol up and over ont he floor. CIMA dodges the Yazkua kick from Generico and hits the masked luchador with a crucifix bomb into a facebuster. Fox with a senton splash! Two count!

Tons of action, once again hard to keep up. Fox with a springboard ace crusher after dodging a Yazkua kick from Generico. They're going toe to toe! Generico with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle! Yakuza kick! Generico drops Fox on his head!


CIMA breaks up the pin! Generico gets Fox to the top rope but Fox is fighting him off! Backstabber from CIMA onto Generico! 450 splash from Fox! Del Sol breaks up the pin!

Del Sol sends Fox to the corner and charges but Fox dips out! Double knees to the chest from CIMA! Springboard dropkick in the corner from Fox! Double knees from CIMA for the second time!

Fox with a modified Rock Bottom, CIMA with double knees from the top!

We have our winners!

Winners CIMA and Fox via pinfall

That match was awesome.

Fox and CIMA share a moment and cut a promo for their tag team title match tomorrow.

Open the Freedom Gate Championship match: Johnny Gargano (c) vs. Akira Tozawa

Tozawa out with Von Eerie who has a chair.

The champ on his back early as Tozawa works over the knee. Gargano reverses with his own submission but Von Eerie puts her man's foot on the rope, breaking the hold.

Some grappling and counter grappling from both men. Gargano is finally sent to the outside.

Suicide dive from Tozawa! Gargano no-sells it and chases Tozawa back into the ring and spills him to the outside on the opposite end. Suicide dive from the champ! Tozawa no-sells that one and does the same on the opposite side. He goes for a third but eats a forearm. He boots Gargano and attempts the dive again but takes a spear.

Gargano in control now, working the arm over. He attempts a cross body splash but the challenger counters with double knees! Tozawa takes over. Bodyslam is followed by a standing senton. Through a distraction, the chair makes its way into the ring and the challenger uses it for a second senton.

Tozawa firmly in control. He does some Kenta Kobashi-esque chops in the corner. He asks the fans if they want more and they cheer in agreement. He cocks back but instead belts Gargano in the mouth.

The challenger is spilled to the outside but avoids a splash from the champ. Gargano lands on the apron, nails his opponent in the gut with a shoulder and hits a springboard DDT. Chops in the corner from Gargano.

Sorry, bathroom break.

Gargano goes for a spear through the ropes but eats a knee from the challenger. Tozawa puts his opponent on the top rope but is fought off. The challenger comes back with a HUGE kick and then nails a superplex for two.

They're going toe to toe! They're trading knees, superkicks, suplexes, Shining Wizards and now they're both laid out!

More back and forth action which ends with Tozawa eating a belly-to-back superplex. Lawn dart and superkick nearly gets the champ the pinfall. Gargano slaps on a submission but the challenger gets his foot on the foot with some help of Von Eerie.

They're on the apron and Gargano hits his opponent with forearms shots. Big boots from Tozawa, GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE APRON~!


Back inside the ring, Tozawa with another German but Gargano kicks out and transitions to a modified STF. The challenger is inching towards the ropes... can he make it? He does!

The challenger ducks under a superkick, hits a German and then hits a straitjacket German! Gargano kicks out! He goes for a second but Gargano counters with a Hurts Donut! A second Hurts Donut! Garga-No-Escape!

Tozawa taps!

Winner and STILL champion: Gargano via submisson

Gargano cuts a post-match promo. He puts over indie wrestling and says even though his dream is to main event WrestleMania, he became a wrestler to perform in indie promotions.

He addresses the contract rumors. He says DGUSA offered him a new deal. He says indie wrestling is dying because they're losing guys every day. He says he's not one of those guys to jump off a sinking ship, he's going to steer the ship of indie wrestling where it belongs.

Um, that's a weird thing to say.

He says he won't leave until his mission to make DGUSA and the Open the Freedom Gate Championship the premier place in North American. He says he took the promotion's offer and indie wrestling is in his blood.

Taylor and Manning have hit the ring! Taylor puts on the Swamp Monster suit and hits the champ with an Awful Waffle until CIMA runs them off.

CIMA breaks the stick and works the crowd up.

That's a wrap, folks.

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