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Kevin Nash won't let it go with CM Punk as leader of the NWO

The new face of the nWo?
The new face of the nWo?

I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.

When Kevin Nash started rambling on Twitter the other night about reuniting the New World Order (NWO) and getting WWE Champion CM Punk's back just after he turned heel, it was passed off as mostly just talk.

He was just yammering in the one place where he can do exactly that and it's no big thing, right? Who cares?

Well, it's days later and he's still going on about it. For whatever reason, Nash won't let this go, to the point of calling for the fans help with the hopes that Punk will recreate the NWO, even if it doesn't involve Nash.

"We can make this happen.Wear your NWO shirts ,bring NWO signs and chant NWO when our Champion comes out! The NWO must live on C.M Punk is it. CM Punk can pick who he wants if not me I'm cool with that .just think the brand is so strong an he can continue it with his skill and edge."

Based on reaction from you beautiful Cagesiders, it would seem a Punk led NWO isn't actually the worst idea in the world, at least not in theory. I guess there's just something about a dominant stable led by a cool heel that older fans can get behind.

Still, should you expect it to come to fruition? Of course not. Punk, for his part, still hasn't tweeted since he turned heel on John Cena and The Rock on Monday Night Raw this past week.

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