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Video: Joey Ryan's 'call to arms' for tonight's (July 26) episode of TNA Impact

Joey Ryan is back with another YouTube video with a "call to arms" for tonight's (July 26, 2012) episode of TNA Impact Wrestling.

If you are a part of the 87% and attending Impact, bring your "Joey Ryan" and "87%" signs. Wear your "Joey Ryan" t-shirts. They will try and stop you. They will try to take your signs away. If they try to do this to you, record them on your phones. Expose them. This is our resistance! United we will stand!

This is our call to arms!

The 87%ers are the wrestling fans that are tired of being told what they should like and who they should cheer for. The 87%ers are the fans that hope for change in the wrestling business. The 87%ers are fans that get blocked by people like Taz on Twitter for voicing a different opinion than his. We will no longer be ignored! Our voices will be heard! We are the 87%!

All that the 87% want is for them to prove to us that "Fans Matter." Your actions speak louder than your words!

It occurs to me that this entire angle with Ryan would be far more effective if he was the guy behind the Aces and Eights group but that doesn't appear to be the case. In fact, Jeff Jarrett might ultimately be the leader of that budding stable.

Still, the Internet can only take this thing so far. If they want to get Ryan over, he needs to be involved on Impact on Spike TV. We'll see if anything special goes down tonight and you can follow along with the live blog by clicking here.

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