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Raw 1000 results: AJ named new Raw General Manager

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We were promised a wedding at Raw 1000. What we got instead was a new Raw General Manager.

Last week, former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan proposed to his on-again, off-again girlfriend, AJ. She accepted and fans were set for this generation's version of Randy Savage and Elizabeth.

But the only snake ruining this ceremony was AJ herself.

After "The American Dragon" eagerly accepted his bride-to-be's hand in marriage, Rev. Slick -- JIVE SOUL BRO~! -- turned to the pint-sized Diva.

Before the former Twin Towers manager could even finish asking AJ, she said "yes" and it seemed their tumultuous relationship would end up with a happy ending.

That's when AJ dropped the bomb.

"Wait! I wasn't saying 'yes' to Daniel. I was saying 'yes' to someone else. Another man... another man who made a proposal to me earlier tonight."

NO CHANCE~! A few seconds later, Vince McMahon's entrance music hit and the WWE CEO strutted out. Immediately, everyone thought McMahon might have picked up bigamy as a hobby but he was quick to dispel that train of thought.

No, McMahon hadn't proposed marriage to AJ; he proposed she become the new General Manager of Raw.

Bryan, appeared heartbroken, as AJ skipped around him before leaving the ring. The former champ then trashed the wedding set before being interrupted by CM Punk.

AJ as the GM?

I'm not exactly sure how to feel about this. On one hand, AJ's character development over the past couple of months is leagues beyond what WWE normally does with a Diva but on the other, her "is she or isn't she crazy?" shtick has gotten a bit long in the tooth.

Maybe this has been the endgame for her, however. She has said in the past she loves when men look at her and enjoys women in power. Now she'll get the former while being the latter. Perhaps she drops the whole crazy angle now that she's attained goal.

Regardless, a new era will begin next week at Raw 1001.

So long, People Power... hello Pokémon Power!

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