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Video: Latest WWE 'Are You Serious' episode makes fun of Hulk Hogan and Steve McMichael

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is back with the latest episode of the Internet only show Are You Serious, which uses old wrestling clips to make fun of superstars of the past and present.

In this edition, Hulk Hogan is once again the target of attack from hosts Josh Matthews and Road Dogg. They show the clips of the Hulkster training Hillbilly Jim in preparation for Tuesday Night Titans. The best part is this line from Matthews:

"Learning wrestling technique from Hulk Hogan is a little like getting babysitting lessons from Snitsky."


They also show the awesome clips of Snitsky punting a baby into the stands in front of a shocked Lita while Chris Jericho looks on and tries not to laugh his ass off.

Finally, the Fail of the Week award goes to Steve "Mongo" McMichael, who was terrible while he was with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). That's literally the criteria they used to give him this honor. I don't blame them.


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