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Roddy Piper advances to Sweet Sixteen in Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament

Photo via <a href="!.jpg">Wikimedia Commons</a>
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Upset alert!

Okay, so it was only a five seed beating a four but Roddy Piper has knocked off Harley Race in the Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament by a score of 71-43.

Surprised? You probably shouldn't be. Race may have fallen victim to the fact that pro wrestling fans today simply aren't as familiar with his work. Piper, meanwhile, has managed to keep himself somewhat relevant with appearances as recent as just a few weeks ago.

He moves on to meet Hulk Hogan in the Sweet Sixteen. What an interesting showdown that's going to be.

After the jump, check out the vote tally total and don't forget to vote in today's match-up between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar.



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