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Viacom and DirecTV come to agreement, Impact Wrestling back in 20 millions homes

Impact Spike
Impact Spike

Well, those were a couple of tense weeks.

News broke yesterday Viacom -- parent company of Spike TV which airs TNA Impact Wrestling -- and DirecTV have squashed their two-week long beef and reached an agreement which returns all MTV, Nickelodeon and the aforementioned Spike to 20 million homes.

This is obviously great for TNA as they are coming off the great Destination X show which ended with Austin Aries winning the World Heavyweight Championship. It established some buzz but unfortunately for the promotion, 20 million less homes which were able to watching the ensuing episode of Impact Wrestling took its toll.

The ratings took a small hit which continued into this Thursday's episode as well. has a bit more on the agreement:

The companies provided little information about the terms. Viacom says the deal is "long-term" and includes "an option [for DirecTV] to add the EPIX service to its entertainment offerings."

TNA can now breath a sigh of relief

But the question remains: how did this financial spat affect TNA in the long-term?

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