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Video: The first Monday Night Raw from January 11, 1993

In anticipation of Raw 1,000 this Monday, WWE has released the first episode of Monday Night Raw, in full, from January 11, 1993.

A lot has changed in nearly two decades.

One thing that hasn't, however, is how terrible Rob Barlett is. Thankfully, he was canned only a few months into the program's run so his awfulness wouldn't be stinking up the Manhattan Center for too long.

Raw, for as awful as it may be sometimes, really did change the landscape of wrestling. It was live -- for the most part -- and gave the promotion a weekly vehicle to drive storylines rather than depend on syndicated programs like Superstars.

Now, 20 years later, we're set for the 1,000th episode.

Tell me, Cagesiders, of those, how many have you seen?

Me? Well, I'll keep that number secret and safe to my heart otherwise you might not think I'm as cool as you once believed.

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