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Crazy Thought of the Day: The permanent Raw General Manager will be ... YOU

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I must admit, I can't take credit for this particular Crazy Thought of the Day. I originally saw this (where else?) on Twitter by retweet from David Shoemaker via a user named MyNameIsJesseG, who had a brilliant idea on who World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will be naming as permanent Raw General Manager on the 1,000th episode next Monday night (July 23, 2012):

We all are going to be the new GM. I guarantee it. ‪#RawActive

That's not something that ever crossed my mind but when you give it more than a passing thought, it makes more sense than giving the job to someone like Teddy Long or Mick Foley or Vickie Guerrero. As WWE continues to become one of the most interactive programs on television, it's also looking for new ways to incorporate fans into the broadcast. We've seen this with the company investing in Tout but this would take things to an entirely new level.

Here's a bit from a recent press release from WWE touting Monday Night Raw as the most interactive program on TV:

The 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw will also look toward the future as the count towards another 1,000 episodes begins. The show ushers in a new era of interactive programming, where viewers will become part of the action by using social media platforms like Tout, Twitter, Shazam®, Instagram and Facebook to have a voice in the show and control outcomes live. The best fan touts, tweets, photos and comments will be featured during the telecasts, on, at live events, and on social media reaching WWE's more than 100 million social media followers.

It's almost as though it's been right in front of our face this entire time and we just haven't seen it. Except for the aforementioned Twitter user, of course. I'm sure a few others had similar thoughts and if so, bravo.

It's brilliant.

While I may not necessarily agree with fans "controlling outcomes live," if they insist on incorporating the WWE Universe with this silly Tout videos and what not, why not go the full nine? WWE is traditionally very bad at booking authority figures and typically places far too much emphasis on whomever they put in said role. We already know they're going to spend a ton of time and attention on this new interactive social media medium, so let's just go that route with it.

I know it's crazy, Cagesiders, but what do you think about it?

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