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WWE Raw results and live blog for July 16: The Money in the Bank fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (July 16, 2012) from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and features all the fallout from the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) event that took place last night in Phoenix, Arizona.

John Cena and Dolph Ziggler won their respective MITB Ladder matches for shots at the WWE and world heavyweight championships, respectively, and the promotion is already teasing one of the two -- or both -- cashing in on tonight's show.

Anything is possible but don't count on it happening.

CM Punk successfully defended his title against Daniel Bryan and AJ, who counted the pinfall in all fairness, didn't seem to like doing so. is teasing more dissension with AJ lamenting Punk's status while Bryan is still apparently going to be chasing AJ because she may still have some sort of hold over Punk.

Or something like that.

Most important seems to be the fact that this is the last episode of Raw before number 1,000 when the show switches to three hours permanently. So enjoy the two hour show for the last time, folks. It's never coming back ... or so they say.

Raw starts at 9 p.m. ET on USA, so be sure to make your way back here to chat with all your favorite Cagesiders during the show. It's always a fun time. Raw live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

They announce CM Punk vs. Big Show in the main event. Michael Cole says something like that only comes around once in a while so we should think it's special.

Uh, yeah.

Speak of the devil, here comes the WWE champion himself.

Punk runs around the ring with the microphone held out so the crowd can get in on the action. He says it may sound strange coming from a straight edge guy but he loves Las Vegas.

Oh, yay, he's pandering.

Now he talks about dropping a pipe bomb around this time last year and then proving that he's the best in the world like he said he would. He's beaten everyone who has stepped in front of him, including Daniel Bryan last night. This despite AJ as special guest referee.

At this point, he's just reminiscing. He's been champ for eight months and he's going to be proud to be just that on the 1,000th episode.

Cue Big Show's music. I guess he earned his title shot tonight by losing to Cena last night. Great booking.

Show has a mic in hand and he comes down clapping. Las Vegas doesn't like the big man and they let him know it.

"That was a really, really touching story, Punk."

Tell me about it.

Show says they both know he was inches away from winning the MITB contract. The crowd chants at him that he sucks.

"That is rude, I have a point I'm trying to make. Please."

My house erupts in laughter.

Show continues by saying if he had the MITB contract, he would cash it in right now and Punk wouldn't be walking out of here as champion.

Punk jumps in and says Show did almost win last night but almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Show did what he always does: he came down, beat the crap out of everybody, left destruction in his wake, and then lost.

Sounds about right.

Punk agrees that Show probably should be Mr. Money in the Bank but he lost. And that's why Punk, half Show's size, has the respect of everyone and Show has his big fat contract and the respect of no one.

"You actually think these people respect you? Not possible. They don't even respect themselves! If you left the WWE tomorrow, I give these people about a week before they move on to the next new thing, trust me, I know."

Nice angle.

Show continues, "You think you're special. We've both know this company revolves around one man. You're not special, Punk; you're just another cog in the machine."

"I'm the WWE champion. And you're not."

That works.

Show says that's Punk's opinion and that's fine but John Cena is Mr. Money in the Bank now. So after Show knocks Punk out tonight, he might lose the belt to Cena.

Then he drops the mic like Punk would, like a pipe bomb, and walks off.

They show Punk looking worried.


Tag team championship match up next.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. Primetime Players -- A.W. has his mic and he's talking during the match. Titus O'Neil starts with Kofi and Jerry Lawler calls him "one tough hombre."

Okay, Jerry.

Darren Young tags in and the heels are firmly in control. That is until Kofi counters and gets a dropkick. This leads to a tag to Truth and they work tag team action until Truth hits a leg drop after dancing around.

He tags Kofi back in and he comes off the top rope for a cross body. That gets a two count.

"Kick out, baby, kick out."

The Primetime Players both end up on the outside and Kingston comes over the top on them leading into a commercial break. The heels are in control coming back but Kingston gets a hot tag to Truth and not long after, they get the pin for the victory.

A.W. is livid that the referee cost them the match.


Backstage and AJ is texting on her phone. Daniel Bryan walks up and she says she called it down the middle last night and if he doesn't like that, she's sorry.

Bryan says it's okay. And he's sorry. He got so caught up in being champion that he went overboard. But now he can finally admit to ....

Eve butts in and says she gets another tag team match in response for last week when Bryan bailed on her and cost her against AJ and Punk. She gets to pick her partner to face Bryan and AJ.

Once she leaves, AJ asks what Bryan was going to say and he tells her to wait until after their match tonight.


Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio -- Not surprisingly, Ryder appears to be the geek that Del Rio gets to destroy after losing in his title match last night.

ADR works the arm early and just starts beating Ryder all around the ring. Now they go outside and the assault continues there, on the steel steps and into the barricade.

Ryder makes a comeback with a few kicks but it did little to stop Del Rio. Cross Armbreaker locked in and Ryder taps.

Del Rio doesn't stop the beating and then Rey Mysterio's music hits and the crowd pops huge. He comes out and of course, hits the 619.

Good old Rey Rey.


They tease another Raw legend is back tonight.

Heath Slater's already in the ring coming back from break. He just outright asks who it's going to be this week because he knows a Raw legend is coming out because he's not stupid.

Oh my god, it's Rikishi.

Heath Slater vs. Rikishi -- Rikishi leaves his shirt on for the match, probably because he's in terrible shape. He hits a superkick and that sets up Slater in the corner for a stink face.

Rikishi does the big butt drop from the second rope and that gets the pin for the win.

Oh god, now he's dancing. The lights go out and Jimmy and Jey Uso are in the ring dancing with their dad.


Time for the mixed tag match. Eve is really hot.

She introduces her tag team partner and it's ..... The Miz. He comes out and walks up to Eve before putting his arm around her.


Eve and The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan and AJ -- The fellas will start. Bryan owns Miz completely with YES! kicks in the corner. Knee coming off the ropes puts Miz in control and then a big kick running leads to AJ tagging herself in. So Eve comes in too and starts kicking AJ in the corner.

Kick to the face leads to a two count.

Eve gets on the top rope and works a sleeper that picks AJ's legs up off the ground. Nice looking spot. Bryan holds his hand out for a tag and it distracts Eve long enough for AJ to get a few kicks coming off the ropes. She tries for the pinfall but Miz distracts the referee.

This leads to AJ kicking Miz off the apron. He comes in and Eve tries to roll AJ up. But the ref's back was still turned so Bryan came in to reverse it and AJ rolled up Eve for the pin.


AJ and Bryan stay in the ring afterward. Bryan gets a mic and says there's something she used to say to him, something he was always too scared and too stupid to say back.

But now he realizes that his career, his state of mind, his entire life won't be right until he says this to himself.

"AJ ... I love you."

She looks confused and turns around. He grabs something from someone outside of the ring. Could it be?

He says last week he asked her something to help become the WWE champion. But this week he doesn't want anything except this:

"AJ, will you marry me?"

He's got a ring this time. He grabs her hand and starts putting it on her finger. She lets him slide it all the way up. He puts the mic up to her lips.


They kiss passionately while Lawler talks about how it's so shocking.

As a couple, they do 360-degree turns around to the crowd shouting YES!


Jack Swagger vs. Ryback -- They're billing Ryback as being from here in Vegas. Swagger attacks Ryback with a big boot as he climbs through the ropes. Swagger even hits the gutwrench powerbomb.

Cole and Lawler talk about how the match hasn't even started because the bell never rang. The referee is just shaking his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Swagger continues beating on Ryback until he decides to stop selling and gets up to clothesline Swagger. Powerbomb and Ryback picks Swagger up for three in total. Man, that's actually impressive, even with Swagger helping.

He kicks Swagger out of the ring and starts doing the Feed Me More shit. That doesn't even make sense anymore. What a weird way to book Ryback now.



Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler, who has the blue briefcase with him. He's also wearing a suit, so maybe we're getting a Dolph promo for once.

Yes we are. He grabs a microphone and starts in.

"As everybody knows, every single MITB contract has been cashed in successfully. What that means is you're looking at the next world heavyweight champion. It's only a matter of time before I cash this baby in on Sheamus. And when I do, I'm going to become the greatest champion in WWE history. I'll be better than Bret Hart. Better than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Better than The Rock. I'm the Show Off. I'm the future champion and it's undisputed. I'm better than ...


Jericho gets in the ring and just looks at Ziggler while "Sin City" showers him with affection.

Before he can speak, Ziggler says for once this isn't about Jericho. This is his time, his moment. He won his MITB match last night. Jericho didn't win his. In fact, he's never won it.

Jericho nods along, unable to deny the words.

Dolph asks when is the last time Jericho has won anything. Jericho stays quiet.

"What, you can't remember either?"

Jericho again stays quiet.

Ziggler brings up Jericho coming back with many promises -- how he's the best in the world at what he does, how it was supposed to be the end of the world as we know it. Well, apparently what Jericho does is lose and he really is the best at that. No one has been given more main event chances than Jericho and he never comes through.

"You're all hype," Ziggler says. "Think about it, Chris. When's the last time you won an important match?"

Dolph is just going to town on him. "Is it possible that you're losing your touch? That you can't win the big one anymore? The great Chris Jericho. Are you losing your touch? I think you're losing your touch. Vickie, I think he's losing his touch."

Jericho hits Ziggler with the Codebreaker.

"Y2J" chant breaks out.

Jericho leaves.


Brodus Clay vs. JTG -- Clay works a few power moves early, his usual set. JTG makes a comeback by going after Clay's knee and getting him to the mat. It isn't long before Clay comes back and hits his usual splashes and what not to get the pin and the victory.

Kids get in the ring to dance as usual.


Main event time.

CM Punk vs. Big Show -- Show does his thing early, working over Punk for a while before the champ makes his comeback after teasing it a few times. He hits multiple clotheslines but is never able to get Show off his feet. Show with a big back body drop.

He sets up for the WMD and Punk ducks under and goes back to his kicks. Three to the head and Show is reeling. He ends up in the corner and Punk hits the running knee. Then another. How about one more?

He connects with the third one too but the bulldog doesn't go. Show tries a splash in the corner but Punk moves and Show ends up on his back. Punk goes up top for the flying elbow.

It lands.



Show kicks out!

Show up and he hits a choke slam.



Punk gets his foot on the rope!

Oh, the ref bumps and Punk wins via disqualification. Show continues the attack and here comes Cena with the briefcase. Cena acts like he's going to hit Show with it.

Show exits the ring and Cena asks for a mic. They cut his music.

Punk is up enough to look at Cena to see what the hell is going on.

Cena reminds us that he sent out a Tout earlier that he would be making a big announcement. Before he says it, Show cuts him off. He says Cena is going to cash it in now. He's all but egging Cena on now.

"Look how weak he is. You will never have an easier championship victory than you have right now. You need to do this for you, John."

Cena says, "No. CM Punk, I give you one week to prepare for the biggest championship match of your life. At Raw 1,000 we will find out who the best in the world really is. At Raw 1,000, I'm telling you I will cash in this briefcase."

He goes on to hit Show with the briefcase.

Punk gets his belt and hoists it above his head while Cena hoists the briefcase.

Fade to black.

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