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WWE Money in the Bank results: Dolph Ziggler wins the Smackdown ladder match to earn a world heavyweight title shot

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Every booker worth their salt knows they have to start a show off with a hot opener.

And this year's installment of Money in the Bank was no different.

Dolph Ziggler walked away with the victory and a guaranteed title shot within the next year after going through seven other competitors in a 20+ minute match.

Everyone got their licks in as well as took a ton of damage, especially Sin Cara and Ziggler. The former ate his second consecutive powerbomb onto a ladder while the former was tossed over the commentary booth and into a chair.

It wasn't enough to keep him down, however, and he leapt back into the ring to keep Christian from grabbing the blue briefcase which hung above the ring. Tossing Christian to the canvas, Ziggler grabbed hold of the briefcase and secured himself a title shot.

Of course, the match wouldn't have been complete without a Sin Cara botch.

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