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New voting system in the Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament

<em>Bracket artwork by: <a href="" target="new">June M. Williams</a></em>
Bracket artwork by: June M. Williams

It occurs to me that it's such a pro wrestling thing to have to go and change the rules in the middle of a tournament because there are those within said tournament politicking/messing up everyone else's fun.

Yet, that's exactly what's happened here.

The Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament got through the entire first round with a legitimate vote that we all greatly enjoyed. And then as soon as Hulk Hogan returned to take on Owen Hart and it was discovered by a few folks that the voting could be messed with via less than honest means, it all went to hell.

Indeed, voting totals have nearly doubled from the first round to the second. We knew there was a very real problem just as soon as the Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle match-up saw over 1,700 votes, 600 of those coming within the last hour alone.

All I can say to the folks who deliberately conspired to mess up this tournament that I've worked so hard on, well, I hope you're happy. And you're a douche nozzle who seriously needs to find something better to do with yourself.

It's because of the rampant abuse of the old voting system that we've done away with it. Not only that, we've stricken the second round from the record and have decided to do it over again with a brand new voting method. It won't be as easy as simply clicking for one man or the other but it will be far more honest.

Here's the deal: Each day a new match-up will be posted. In order to vote for that match, you will need to get into the comments section and in the subject line of your comment post the following -- Vote -- (insert wrestler). For example, tomorrow will see the Hogan vs. Hart match played over again. In order to cast your vote for Hogan, you would need to go to the comments and in the subject line write: Vote -- Hogan.

After that, feel free to comment at will and discuss your decision with other members of CSS. Only votes cast in the manner specified will be tallied. As usual, each match-up will be posted at 10 a.m. CT and end at midnight CT, at which point the comments will be closed.

This way we can determine, with 100-percent certainty, that the vote is legitimate. Anyone seeking to game the system by creating multiple accounts will have a far bigger hassle to go through and they will be caught every time. There's no way around this one that we won't find out and legitimacy has now returned to the CSS PW Tournament.

Will we see as many votes? Of course not. But the votes we do see will all be legitimate and everyone will only get to vote once, the way it should be.

As stated previously, the second round will be replayed in its entirety, starting with the Hogan vs. Hart match tomorrow. The updated second round schedule will be posted later today. (here)

Thanks for participating so far and we look forward to everyone's continued participation over the next few rounds.

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