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Kharma likely cut from WWE but no official word yet

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Flickr</a>.
Photo via Flickr.

In an update to Keith Harris's story last night that Kharma's future with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) may be in doubt, it appears initial suspicions have been proven correct.

As the original story goes, Kharma's profile was moved to the Alumni section of and she proceeded to send a tweet out confirming that "the cat is out of the bag." While no one was sure, reports circulated that this meant she was released by the company.

Then, her profile was moved back to the active roster and everyone wondered if there wasn't simply a mistake. It appears a mistake was indeed made but the mistake was that someone jumped the gun on moving her profile to the Alumni section. Indeed, as of this writing, she has been moved back.

According to an update from the Wrestling Observer, it would seem this marks the end of Kharma's run with WWE ... for now.

It's been a tragic year for Kharma (real name Kia Stevens). She was brought in to WWE at the end of 2010 and given a monster push. Many believed she would be the catalyst to make the Divas division viable again. But she was forced to go on maternity leave once she got pregnant.

And who knows how that went over in Stamford.

Then she announced she had a healthy baby before making a brief return at the Royal Rumble. Later, she would reveal she had lied to cover up the fact that she had lost the baby and didn't know how to deal with it or tell anyone due to the very public nature of her job. WWE had been in the process of teasing her return and word around the water cooler was that she was getting in ring shape awaiting the call.

Looks like it will never come.

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