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Video: WWE Superstars for July 12, 2012, featuring Hunico, Beth Phoenix and Natalya

If you thought Raw's Money in the Bank go home show was a stinker, Superstars would like to up the ante.

We once again have the usual suspects in Jinder Mahal and Alex Riley taking on one another. For all their trouble, Mahal simply hasn't been able to connect with crowds as a rulebreaker. Maybe the "evil foreigner" gimmick is played out? But I would think most people who make up the average WWE audience would have no problem booing a jerk from another country.

Kaitlyn and Alicia fox take out Pin Up Strong, made up of Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Did these two ladies make up and I missed it? Or did Creative forget they split up and tossed them into a tag match together? At least Nattie isn't farting anymore.

And Hunico, going into his Money in the Bank pre-show tag match against Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, goes toe to toe with Justin Gabriel.

Check it out, Cagesiders, if you dare.

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