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TNA Impact Wrestling results and live blog for July 12: the 'Destination X' fallout show

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Thurs., July 12, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, for yet another live show of the summer series that will run through the next however many weeks.

Wait, didn't I say I wasn't going to do this anymore? That's right I did. Well, guess what?

I lied!

I didn't lie, really, so much as get completely disenchanted with the product, thanks to the past few episodes of Impact. They wore me down and burned me out. Then I watched Destination X and it brought me right back.

What can I say -- I'm a fickle fan who wants what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it.

And now that I'm done making this completely about me (I promise, I didn't intend to), we can look forward to tonight's show. Austin Aries is the new heavyweight champion after defeating Bobby Roode at Destination X and really, do you need any more reason to tune in than that?

Remember, the show starts 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so be sure to get here nice and early to join in with all your favorite Cageside commenters. Impact Wrestling live blog after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Naturally, a video replay airs of what's been happening in recent storylines over the past few weeks. That includes results from Destination X.

We'll start with what Sergio said we would.

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park -- We get the usual from these two early. Bully gets heat by getting out his cell phone and tweeting. He says he'll be trending worldwide in three seconds.


I just checked his Twitter and I don't see a new tweet. So, yeah.

Meanwhile, Park hits a double leg and works Ray over on the ground. Then he picks up a chair but gets knocked down before he can use it. Ray is soaking it all in and getting heat just by sticking his chin out at the crowd. The dude has it.

Piece of aluminum goes across Park's back. Ray sets up Park for a splash on a trash can lid but Park moves and Ray sells for it. Park explodes to take advantage but runs into a big boot.

Uh-oh. Bully goes out and gets the thumbtacks. Now he grabs a mic and calls Park a lawyer boy. "I'm going to do to you what I should have did to your stinking brother a long time ago. Do you know who I am?"

Ray gets a kendo stick but Park hits him in the nuts with a cheese grater. He then takes the kendo stick and pops Ray in the head with it. A splash into a pinfall attempt gets two for Park.

Ray comes back but Park counters with a big slam onto the thumbtacks. He drops down to cover again but, again, Ray kicks out.

Bully crawls over to get a chain and uses it to knock Park out. That's enough to get the pin and the victory.

Park sees that he's bleeding and as he looks at the blood, he changes. Ray rushes over with a kendo stick and Park hits a slam. Afterwards, he acts like he just woke up from a trance and wonders what's going on.


Backstage and Sting is looking at some playing cards. The Deadman's Hand, as it were. That's the same hand that was delivered to Hulk Hogan last week on Impact.

He says something to the camera, something about "I get it" and then goes off.


We go backstage and see Ray pulling thumbtacks out of his boots.

"Who was that?" he asks someone off camera.

"I beat Joseph Park but who was that?"



Samoa Joe vs. Rob Van Dam -- Van Dam with a dropkick into the corner. Rope break on a submission attempt. The commentators put over Joe winning three BFG Series matches by submission. That's the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, he misses a kick in the ring and RVD gets one of his own. Joe no sells it and hits a big clothesline. Now a leglock and Joe is working over RVD's left knee.

RVD makes a comeback and catches Joe after some back and forth to get a pinfall victory. That gives Van Dam seven points here and 14 total.


We see a pre-tape of Crackhead Claire showing up to the arena. An interviewer is asking why she's here.

She says she has stuff to say but it's just not today. She looks all messed up.




Hogan is backstage and he's telling the camera he's here and Sting is here and he's ready to dance with whoever is playing games with them.

Let's go. I can't wait to see the white of your eyes.


Kazarian and Christopher Daniels make their way out to the ring.

Frankie starts by saying he wants to congratulate AJ Styles for a hard fought victory this past Sunday night. But this thing isn't over. Styles has only heard one verse and they haven't even gotten to the chorus yet.

Daniels gets on the mic and claims the crowd is booing Styles and his antics at Destination X. They weren't and that's why Daniels is awesome for that line.

Oh dear god, he calls Claire Lynch out to the ring to answer some questions.

And here she comes to absolutely no reaction.

The heels play up the fact that she's pregnant. Daniels says he's not a monster and he sympathizes with her situation. She hit rock bottom and she was looking for any hand to help pull her out. And her hand reached Styles but situations like that can lead to accidents and mistakes.

Kazarian and Daniels are creepily circling her in the ring until Styles' music hits and he comes down with mic already in hand.

"Wow, Chris. You're able to stand and now you're even able to speak. That's great. I'm surprised after what I did to you this past Sunday."

It was a good match.

Styles says this story was over weeks ago, as far as he's concerned. We only wish that could be the case.

Daniels says he talked to Claire weeks ago and Styles doesn't know certain things. Claire has something she needs to reveal. Styles won't let her talk and she finally takes the mic and says Daniels is right.

She says Styles is the father of the baby.

He says that's impossible.

I think the crowd is chanting "Marry."

Claire and Styles argue over whether or not they ever hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing while they go to break.


Backstage and AJ walks out. He's being chased by someone asking for an explanation and he says he doesn't know if he's the dad.

Even Kurt Angle tried to stop him, to no avail.


Dakota Darsow cuts a promo on Zema Ion saying he's good friends with Jesse Sorenson and it got under his skin when Ion broke his neck and never called to ask how he was doing.

But what really sent him over the top was Ion winning the X Division title at Destination X and then saying it was thanks to Sorenson. So now it's time for a match.

Good enough.

Zema Ion vs. Dakota Darsow -- The match starts with Darsow pissed off and just unloading on Ion. Kicks, punches, forearms, clotheslines; the dude is doing it all and working strong while doing so. Big splash in the corner and a clothesline coming off the ropes after it.

Ion gets tired of the beating and bails up the ramp. Darsow chases him down and keeps beating on him, while Ion begs him not to. They end up back in the ring and Ion finally gets some offense in while Darsow is trying to climb back in through the ropes. But when Ion runs the topes, Darsow jumps through the ropes with a big spear.

Nice spot.

Ion finally gets control with a DDT and then a big face plant slam that looked super impressive. That's enough to get the pin.

He continues beating on Darsow afterward and works a sick move that messes up Darsow's arm. Ion gets on the mic and says if that cripple Sorensen doesn't want to see any more of his friends get hurt, he should know that Ion isn't just effin pretty but he's pretty effin dangerous.

Okay, guy.


Here comes "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived," Austin Aries. And you bet your ass he has the world heavyweight championship with him.

He says he woke up today and thought it's a great day to be great and it's a great day to be the new world heavyweight champion. It's a great achievement for him personally because he proved everyone wrong and nothing is impossible. But this wasn't just a great moment for Austin Aries, or Impact Wrestling; this was a great moment for the professional wrestling industry.

The crowd is hot as hell.

They're chanting his name and he's thanking them before shushing them because he can barely hear himself. What the hell is a babyface doing shutting the crowd up?

That bugs me.

He says wrestling goes in cycles and to and from boom periods. That's not really true at all. He says people in the business feel we're ready for the next boom period and he's the guy to lead the industry into the next one.

He got messages and texts from Hollywood celebrities, NFL athletes and congratulations from world champions in other wrestling promotions.

He continues by saying he was asked how important titles are in pro wrestling. He says they're only as important as the man holding them. Which is why the belt he's carrying is now the most prestigious because he's the best wrestler going today and Impact is the best promotion.

Before he can continue, Bobby Roode's music hits and it's time for him to walk out for the first time in a long time without the belt on his shoulder or around his waist.

He looks like he's in a trance.

Aries says he knows Roode is used to doing what he wants but he's not the champion anymore so what the hell does he think he's doing.

THe crowd calls him a loser on his way to the ring and Tazz remarks that he looks naked without the belt. He looks downright shell shocked. His acting this way is putting the title over even more. It's like he's a different human being without it.

It's the precious.

Aries puts it up in his face and Roode grabs a microphone. He gets in Aries face but can't speak because the belt is so distracting to him. He tries again but stops short to pace around the ring.

He's so pissed, he's basically just grunting into the mic, barely able to speak through his anger and frustration. He screams at Aries and tries again but nothing comes out.

Roode is awesome here. This is amazing.


Roode calls him a fluke and says his win was a fluke before walking up the ramp.

Aries says he has three words for him: "New world champion."

Roode snaps again, throwing his jacket around and screaming, "IT WAS A FLUKE! IT WAS A FLUKE!" Roode starts slapping himself in the face and grunting and screaming some more.

What an awesome segment.


Sting backstage with Hogan in his office. Sting says he's in great shape and it seems like it's time for him and Hogan to go old school.

Hogan says times have changed.

Devon and Garrett Bischoff show up and say they saw the attack and because they owe Hogan and Sting, they've got their back. If they need anything, let them know.

Hogan basically says thanks, but no thanks.

They walk off and Sting keeps talking about going old school. Hogan says it's different this time because "we're in real deep."


Madison Rayne pre-tape explaining why she's got a huge crush on Earl Hebner.

She doesn't feel like she has to defend herself.


Here comes Brooke Hogan. She's wearing a super short dress and showing off a ton of skin. She'll be on commentary.

Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher -- Tenay and Tazz ask about Brooke having issue with Kim. Brooke says she's definitely having issues with her. She also met with her and sensed some fear in her for this match.

When Tessmacher comes out, Brooke puts her over. She attacks Kim to start the match and hits a short clothesline into pushing Kim into the corner and working some kicks.

Meanwhile, the commentators are focusing more on Brooke and what it was like growing up with Hulk Hogan as a dad. Ugh. Back in the ring and Kim has taken control. She works an arm before taunting the Knockouts champion and smacking her around a bit.

She goes back to working the arm with a scissors while the announcers fawn over Brooke. Tessmacher makes her comeback while selling the arm but fails to get a pin thanks to Kim using the ropes. Tessmacher misses a splash in the corner and Kim rolls her up but only gets two.

Tights and all.

They go to the top rope and Kim gets sent flying. Tessmacher comes off the top with a flying elbow that gets the pin.

"I am so proud of her," Brooke says. What does that even mean?


They try to get an interview with Crackhead Claire. They ask if she has proof that AJ is the father. She says of course she does.

Then she talks straight into the camera, "AJ, I thought you were better than that, man? I just hope you'll do the right thing."

Then she walks off.



Magnus plugs his match against James Storm next week, which is a Bound for Glory Series match.

He cuts a promo saying Storm is weak and wondering what next. When he looks over his shoulder, he'll see Magnus, who is being overlooked in the Series despite being undefeated.


Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle -- Collar and elbow tie up. Push into the corner and break. Another tie up and Angle goes to his mat wrestling with a side headlock. Anderson pushes him off into the ropes and eats a shoulder block for his troubles. Hip toss on the comeback, though. Another one and now he's got Angle down and is working an arm.

Angle makes a comeback just as they go to break.

They just came back from break, Angle still working over Anderson, and Tenay asked a question before going to break again. Nice.

Back again and it appears they're going to stay with it this time. The guys beat a 10 count after being laid out and Anderson gets busy. He looks for the Mic Check but Angle reverses and goes into the three suplex routine. He hits each one and sets up for the Angle Slam. He misses, though, and Anderson hits the shoulder roll slam to get a deep two.

Angle comes back and almost gets the Ankle Lock. Anderson pushes out but runs into the Angle Slam and almost ends up getting dropped on his head. Still, he kicks out at two.

Angle loses the straps on his singlet and then grabs the Ankle Lock. Anderson screams in pain but manages to roll through and stops selling it completely to hit Angle with the Mic Check.

Only gets a two count, though.

Another Angle Slam from Kurt and that's enough to get the pinfall and seven more points in the BFG Series.


Bobby Roode comes into Hogan's office and gets in Sting's face, then Hogan's.

"We need to talk," he says.

Hogan asks Roode if he wants his rematch. Roode says of course he does. Hogan says he'll get it at Hardcore Justice. Roodde says that's not acceptable and he wants him sooner.

Hogan goes on to say Roode should call him out next week on Impact, which is Open Fight Night. Roode says he'll prove he can beat Aries and Hogan nods his head along while saying, "It looks like I've got my main event for next week. Yeah."

What a weirdo.


Here comes Sting for the closing angle. He's got a bat in hand and he's not acting like the Joker Sting. The face paint doesn't match either. Upon second viewing, actually it does.

Oh wait, he's on the mic and he's acting a little crazy.

He calls out the crew who left the Aces and Eights and says he didn't come alone, he brought Hulkamania with him. Here comes Hogan, entrance music and all.

Actually, it plays but Hogan never shows up. It goes for an uncomfortably long time and then stops. Sting asks where he is and demands that Hogan come on out. The crowd chants his name for a minute and then the music starts back up again.

But, again, no Hulkster.

When the music stops this time, the crowd chants "We want Hogan." So the music starts up for a third time.

This is just getting silly.

The music starts again and then finally, video plays of Brooke saving her dad from an attack by the guys in ski masks. Sting goes to get out of the ring to go after him and he's mobbed by a huge group of guys.

There's like seven of them in biker gear.

That's how the show fades out.

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