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Is WWE NXT getting its own champion?

Photo via <a href="!/JoeVilla_WWE" target="new">Joe Villa</a>
Photo via Joe Villa

Ever since news broke WWE was planning on shutting down Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), there has been speculation as to what the roster would do with their time.

Would they begin working Superstars? Would they be to different WWE-friendly promotions to continue honing their craft?

While the reports of FCW's demise were greatly exaggerated -- the crew is on the road 5-10 times a month including a weekly stint at the FCW Arena -- it seems the sixth season of NXT has definitely replaced the Florida developmental's television deal.

The new season of NXT -- which has been great so far, by the by -- is littered with FCW alumni as well as some lower level Smackdown talent such as Tyson Kidd and Damien Sandow. And I mean on the totem pole, folks, not in terms of talent. Kidd and Sandow are tops.

But unlike FCW, NXT has no titles. In the developmental territory, Superstars in the making can battle it out for the Jack 15 Briscoe Championship, the tag straps or the big poppa of them all, the Florida Heavyweight Championship.

So what is the NXT roster supposed to strive for?

Jim Ross seems to think a new title might be created.

From Good Ol' JR's latest blog:

"There is talk of having a tournament to crown a NXT Champion which, if and when it is held, could create some amazing opportunities for several young athletes looking to get noticed with the hopes of making it to a Raw or Smackdown WWE roster."

I think this is a great idea going forward. It would give matches a sense of purpose and give the show an overall direction. Since everyone on NXT is more or less on the same level -- unlike Raw or Smackdown which juxtaposes John Cena and CM Punk with Yoshi Tatsu and Jack Swagger -- a title would be something each of them could strive to attain.

But if a NXT title is created, just make sure whoever designed the WWE Tag Team Championship belts goes nowhere it.

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