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Will Randy Orton return to title hunt following suspension?

Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images.
Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images.
Getty Images

We reported on May 30 Randy Orton had been flagged for a Wellness Policy violation. While not technically his second violation -- read the linked story for more on that -- WWE decided to punish hm as such as suspended "The Apex Predator" for 60 days.

It later came out anabolic steroids were found in Orton's system and rumors began circulating about Orton's future with the company. Everything for a heated meeting with Vince McMahon to John Cena campaigning for his fellow main eventer's firing was being reported.

Well, that suspension will be up at the end of this month and WWE is seemingly wasting no time in putting Orton back to work.

Tickets for a Smackdown taping on September 18 in Philadelphia, PA will g on sale this Saturday and what's advertised for the main event?

None other than Randy Orton in a triple threat match with Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

While this may -- and probably is -- the dark match for the evening used to send the crowd home happy regardless of how the taping ends, it speaks volumes as to Orton's position in the company once he returns. Historically, WWE has been hesitant to push any Superstar with two "strikes" or Wellness Policy violations but when it happens to be Orton -- or Rey Mysterio, for that matter -- the same guidelines might not apply.

Orton is arguably the second or third most popular wrestler on the roster behind John Cena and CM Punk so keeping him away from the main event might not be something WWE wants to do for long.

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