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Cageside Quote: Sheamus wants Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 or 30

Is Sheamus a worthy opponent for Undertaker at WrestleMania?
Is Sheamus a worthy opponent for Undertaker at WrestleMania?

In pro wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) annual spring time extravaganza, WrestleMania, has become the event to end all events. It's the big one, the Super Bowl of pro wrestling, and taking part in that show, especially as the main event, is what aspiring wrestlers dream of.

Once you get there, however, there are varying levels of success. Wrestling on the undercard is great and all but it's far more prestigious, obviously, to wrestle for a championship, the WWE title the most important of all. But there's one thing that may have surpassed that at this point and you need only utter two words to know exactly what it is:

The Streak.

The Undertaker is a legend in the business and a veteran of the game who has amassed a 20-0 record at "The Grand Daddy of Them All." Sure, it's all kayfabe, but the actual record isn't what's important here but rather what it represents.

Respect. The ultimate.

Naturally, that extends to the opponents who are chosen to face him. In times past, it may not have been as big a deal but as the Streak has grown and the years gone by, it's become a status symbol for the elite of the elite. In fact, in the last four years, only Shawn Michaels and Triple H have been given the honor of testing The Streak.

And really, that's what it is now. It's an honor to be awarded the spot opposite "The Deadman." If the fans don't feel that way, that's fine, because the wrestlers do. And they know that 'Taker's career is winding down to a close and before long, there won't be any opportunity to be one of the superstars who stood across from him at WrestleMania. In fact, it appears as though defending The Streak is the only thing big enough to bring Undertaker out of hibernation each year.

While we can rightfully assume that every wrestler on the WWE roster at current time would love the honor of working with him at the biggest show of the year, there's one wrestler who is actually coming out and saying he wants to be the guy to challenge 'Taker at WrestleMania 29 or 30 -- Sheamus.

From an interview with Digital Spy:

The Undertaker is the one I want for WrestleMania XXIX or XXX. Obviously something like that would be - his streak - no-one has ever beaten him on his streak and I could be the first to ever do that."

For the purposes of this discussion, it doesn't matter whether or not he speaks in kayfabe, though he switches back and forth in the full interview. The point is that he's actually calling attention to his wanting the challenge of a match against Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Is he worthy?

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