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TNA Impact blacked out for 20 million homes as DirecTV and Viacom fail to come to agreement

Even "The Hulkster" couldn't prevent this. Photo by Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE.
Even "The Hulkster" couldn't prevent this. Photo by Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE.

I have some bad news for you TNA Impact Wrestling fans who are also DirecTV subscribers.

We brought you word yesterday Viacom -- parent company of Spike TV which airs Impact Wrestling every Thursday -- and the satellite company were close to an impasse in regards to carriage fees.

The two companies signed a deal seven years ago and now that it's expired, Viacom is asking for a 30% increase. DirecTV gave them the ol' "Bionic Redneck" -- EH EH! -- and stated they'd pay more but not that much.

Viacom went on the offensive, asking their customers to call into DirecTV and demand they not lose some of their favorite channels.

Even Hulk Hogan got in on the campaign, imploring TNA fans to make their voices heard.

Unfortunately, it was for nought.

DirecTV customers no longer have access to channels such as MTV, BET, Nickelodeon and of course Spike TV. This means the fans who are eager to see how Austin Aries' newly-begun reign as World Heavyweight Champion will play out better make alternative viewing plans.

To make matters worse, Viacom is also blocking online access to shows like Comedy Central's The Daily Show to ensure customers get nice and riled up for not being able to see their favorite programs.

This couldn't have come at a worse time for TNA who pulled the trigger on putting their number one title on Aries this past Sunday at Destination X. There is a lot of buzz going around and DirecTV accounts for nearly 20% of American households with cable or satellite.

In this game of chicken between two giant corporations, Dixie Carter's little rasslin' company might end up the loser.

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