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What's next for Ring of Honor World Champion Kevin Steen?

Photo via <a href="">Ring of Honor</a>
Photo via Ring of Honor

At Ring of Honor's (ROH) Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis event, recently crowned World Champion Kevin Steen defended his title against the man he beat for it, Davey Richards.

Much like their first match was Steen's one and only chance at the strap, the rematch was Richards' only opportunity to win back the belt he held for nearly a year, having won it at Best in the World the year prior.

Since "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" gained reinstatement -- he was famously banished from ROH at Final Battle 2010 after losing to former partner El Generico -- his focus was on winning the promotion's highest honor which put him pretty much at odds with Richards.

It was a cold war, of sorts, as neither man attacked the other as Steen was kept busy with other opponents until he was able to get his hands on the former American Wolf at Border Wars.

Now that the title is firmly affixed around Steen's paunchy waist, and Richards unable to challenge him, what does the future hold for the man who promises to destroy ROH?

Take a look into my crystal ball with me, Cagesiders.

With no storyline readily apparent for the world champ, it looks like he may take on a bevy of challengers ROH throws at him with the angle being Jim Cornette is willing to do anything to get the strap off Steen.

Homicide comes to mind right off the bat.

As a part-timer, he picked up an unexpected win against Eddie Edwards at Best in the World and may be the first hired gun Cornette uses against Steen. I would expect this showdown to take place at Death Before Dishonor X in September.

In the meantime, Steen will take on the likes of CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston and likely other opponents like Mike Mondo who have little chance to walk away with the strap -- Kingston because he doesn't really wrestle for the promotion and Mond because... well, it's Mikey from The Spirit Squad -- but will keep Steen occupied.

Edwards, Steen's opponent at Showdown in the Sun: Night Two, is another possible opponent although he's mostly been out of the world title picture since Final Battle 2011.

Thanks to Steen already defeating El Generico in Fort Lauderdale (picture above), the masked luchador is removed as a viable option to upend his former partner and heated rival.

Beyond that, there aren't many challengers who would likely stand a chance against Steen. Any former champion who would garner a huge reaction are unavailable to the promotion.

Samoa Joe and Austin Aries are doing their thing in TNA while CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are having their own best in the world war in WWE.

ROH's only hope is for Steen's prophecy at Best in the World 2012 to come true and for the fanbase to turn on him like they've done almost every other champion. Perhaps by that point, the newly minted World TV Champion Adam Cole will be ready to usurp the Canadian from this throne.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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