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Will Rey Mysterio and The Miz be at WWE Money in the Bank?

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It was point of contention between myself and my Cageside colleague, Geno Mrosko, during last Monday's episode of Cageside Live.

When the Raw Money in the Bank match was announced by special guest General Manager Vickie Guerrero this past Monday, she also announced who was participate: Kane, The Big Show, Chris Jericho and John Cena.

Well, Cena interjected himself in the match -- with an awful Star Wars-centric promo -- which I suppose is one of the many perks of being who he is but that's neither here nor there.

Guerrero also added the extra caveat which was only former champions could enter. Whether she meant only WWE or if it also included those who held the World Heavyweight Championship.

So four men, main eventers really, in a match usually reserved for those on the brink of breaking into the next level (see: CM Punk a few years ago and Daniel Bryan in 2011).

To me, it seemed the match was set but Geno argued Money in the Bank always includes at least six men and a couple more Superstars would be added.

If true, those two would have to be Rey Mysterio and The Miz.

Let's take a look at the last 10 men to hold the WWE Championship.

Punk is the reigning champion so he's out. Alberto Del Rio will likely face Sheamus at the pay-per-view (PPV) for the World Heavyweight Championship. While he's a possibility, it's a longshot.

Cena is already in the match, Sheamus is the current Smackdown kingpin and Triple H is effectively retired minus a ego-stroking match here and there. Randy Orton is suspended until the end of July, about a week after Money in the Bank goes down.

This leaves Mysterio, whose own suspension ended last week, and The Miz who has recently completed filming on The Marine: Homefront as the only viable options.

Even if once removed the WWE Championship stipulation and adds former World Heavyweight Champions, only Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger come up as possibilities.

Ziggler will -- hopefully -- take part in and win Smackdown's Money in the Bank while Swagger has been reduced to a rung above enhancement talent as of late.

Of course, Geno could be right about The Rock showing up and winning, an idea I think is absolutely brilliant. From what I've read, he begins filming the latest Fast and Furious movie in late July which gives him and WWE some wiggle room if they decide to pull the trigger on that plan.

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