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Final Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) spoilers: Dean Ambrose vs William Regal II

The long and winding road...
The long and winding road...

Oh, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with you.

It was during a Falls Count Anywhere match between then-Husky Harris and Richie Steamboat. The two Superstars in the making brawled all around the FCW Arena and finally to the outside where Steamboat was knocked out and thrown in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Harris hopped in and the truck sped away.


Alas, nothing gold can stay and FCW as we know it is done as of July 8. In its place will be the sixth season of NXT -- according to Good Ol' JR -- but I'm unsure if I'll be able to watch it!


Courtesy of PWInsider, here are full spoilers for the final three episodes of FCW TV.

Episode to air June 24, 2012

Rick Victor defeats Jiro with a Tiger Driver (MISAWA~!) and Big E Langston defeats Jason Jordan with the Big Ending, which is a Dominator. I dunno, but big black dudes doing the move is my jam.

Richie Steamboat cuts a promo about the William Regal and Dean Ambrose match as well as his own feud with Antonio Cesaro. He says they'll meet one more time next week.

Foxy FCW General Manager Summer Rae announces the promotion's summer tour - Summer Slamrama, LOL - and I guess officially announces the Regal and Ambrose bout.

Erick Rowan defeats Adam Mercer with a choke slam.

Cesaro comes out to cut a promo on Steamboat. He says he was holding back the first few times they wrestled but he won't next week.

Audrey Marie defeats Paige by DQ after she goes beyond the referee's five count. She needs to study some Bryan Danielson footage, methinks.

The main event sees Conor O'Brian defeating Brad Maddox with a big boot.

Episode to air July 1, 2012

The show starts off with a bang! Richie Steamboat retains his FCW 15 Jack Brisco Championship in sudden death overtime with a superkick.

Bray Wyatt - the artist formerly known as Husky Harris - defeats Benecio Salazar with a spinning reverse STO (OGAWA~!)

Raquel Diaz cuts a promo and Colin Cassady defeats Aiden English.

The main event sees FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins retaining his title over Bo Dallas, Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger. The champ picks up the win after nailing Kruger with a curb stomp.

Episode to air July 8, 2012

FCW Tag Team Champions Corey Graves and Jake Carter defeat Mike Dalton and CJ Parker to open up the last television episode of FCW.

Audrey Marie pins Paige in a No DQ match after a DDT.

And the main event is the long-awaited rematch between Dean Ambrose and William Regal. Judging by the fact there's only two other matches on this installment and no promos, we can expect the match to go a while. GOOD.

The bout goes to a no contest after Ambrose busts Regal open and the officials put a halt to the match.

Ambrose then continued his assault on the officials and the wrestlers who came to help. He slaps on the Regal Stretch and then hits a knee trembler.

Ambrose is gold.