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TNA Impact ratings remain flat during live summer series on Spike TV

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Surely, it's not his fault. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Surely, it's not his fault. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

When Spike TV and Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling came together to put on what they are calling a "Summer Series" of live shows, with a brand new start time and all, it's safe to say executives at both companies were hoping for better ratings than what they've received.

The latest episode of Impact, which took place this past Thursday night (June 28, 2012), scored a .98 rating for an average of 1.26 million viewers. That's better than the 1.24 the show did last week but still one of the worst showings in the last two years.

The show also saw big drops in all the major demographic ratings, such as the all important male 18-49 demo Spike TV so greatly covets.

There are plenty of excuses reasons for the low numbers; the time change obviously hurt and it will take a while before fans come around to the idea of watching the show an hour earlier. The second hour was up against the debut episode of Charlie Sheen's new sitcom Anger Management, which drew record numbers for FX.

But there's no ignoring that Impact is simply a bad show. It's not just a bad pro wrestling show, it's a bad television show. Managing Editor and good friend of Cageside Seats Jesse Holland tweeted the following after settling in to watch the show:

IMPACT‬ opens with the addict angle and follows it up with Mr. Anderson. Peace out yo!

He doesn't speak for everyone, of course, but me thinks more than a few folks shared his sentiments.

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