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Under the Radar: The latest news from the independent wrestling scene

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Welcome to Under the Radar where we take a look at all the best independent wrestling has to offer.

Wait, should I use the term "independent wrestling"?

The phrase recently came up during my Cageside colleague's, Thomas Holzerman, podcast. He's been gabbing about grappling for over a year now at The Wrestling Podcast and the most recent episode saw Leslie L. of Dirty Dirty Sheets run game all over the term.

How do you Cagesiders feel about it? I personally feels it has a place as it distinguishes one particular product from another which is a good thing.

Holzerman's podcast is a great listen and it comes highly recommended from me, especially if you dig this column. He loves wrestling outside of WWE and TNA and most of his guests do as well so if you're looking to get into Ring of Honor, CHIKARA Pro Wrestling Guerrilla or the like, his podcast is a must listen.

I've even been on there a couple of times so you know it's completely legit.

ANYWAY, I've collected news from those promotions and more.

Check out what's up after the jump.

Ring of Honor

Best in the World has come and gone and THE AGE OF STEEN is alive and well. The promotion had their latest TV tapings last night (June 29) and of course, we have a full report right here.


We're about a month away from the Philly promotion's next show so things are relatively quiet on the CHIKARA front. The main event, however, for July 28's The Great Escape event is none other than Grand Champion Eddie Kingston defending his belt against Sara Del Rey.

Oh, yes.

The other big news is the next night at Give 'em the Axe, Anarchy Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion ACH will make his promotional debut in a four-way Young Lions Cup X elimination match.



Dragon Gate USA/EVOLVE

EVOLVE finished up a triple shot down in Florida tonight. Here are results from Thursday night:

EVOLVE 14 results

John Silver defeated Jake Manning
Chuck Taylor defeated Colt Cabana
The Scene (Kaleb Conley and Scott Reed) defeated Mike Cruz and Cheech
Style Battle Tournament match: Jon Davis defeated Tommy Taylor
Style Battle Tournament match: Bobby Fish defeated AR Fox
Sara Del Rey defeated Santana Garett
Tony Nese defeated Johnny Gargano, Alex Reynolds and Lince Dorado
El Generico defeated Samuray Del Sol

Decent stuff but I was most interested in watching the main event between Generic and Del Sol. Lo and behold, EVOLVE booked a rematch for last night. Had I ordered the event on Thursday solely for the main event, I would have felt cheated. Instead, they got to tussle on a much better card highlighted by a Open the Freedom Gate Championship match between Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor. Check out the results from last night:

EVOLVE 15 results

Tony Nese defeated Mike Cruz
Style Battle Tournament match: Bobby Fish defeated Tommy Taylor
Style Battle Tournameent match: Jon Davis defeated AR Fox
Six-Way Freestyle match: Lince Dorado defeated Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Jake Manning, Caleb Konley and Scott Reed
Colt Cabana defeated Cheech
Samuray Del Sol defeated El Generico
Open the Freedom Gate Championship match: Johnny Gargano defeated Chuck Taylor

Tonight, at EVOLVE 16 Johnny Gargano will tangle with Tony Nese in a non-title match while Bobby Fish and Jon Davis go one-on-one to decide this year's Style Battle Tournament winner. AR Fox and Tommy Taylor also lock horns while Samuray Del Sol looks to continue his momentum with a win over Chuck Taylor. Plus a tag bout between Cheech and Mike Cruz taking on John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

Click here to order the video on demand for EVOLVE 14 (last night's show should be up shortly) as well as tonight's show. The live viewing only option for EVOLVE 16 runs less than $10 so if you're staying in tonight and want to catch some wrestling, it's a definite buy.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling

The 2012 Queen of Queens tournament is in the books and Athena came out victorious! She bested Su Yung, Christian Von Eerie and finally WSU Champion Jessicka Havok to earn the crown.

En route to the finals, Havok took out Lady Poison and Rachel Summerlyn which Veda Scott fell to Eerie in the first round as did WWE veteran Jazz to Summerlyn.

From what I've read, the match-up between Summerlyn, last year's Queen of Queens winner, and Jazz was a barn-burner. Can't wait to see it once it comes out on DVD.

Matthew Palmer defended his Hardcore Championship against Rodney Mack as did Tag Team Champions, Darin Childs and Khris Wolfe, when they beat three other teams, The Electric Company, Mojo Bravado and The Lost Boys -- who they won the titles from last month.

And finally, Angel Blue retained her American Joshi Championship by narrowly defeating Portia Perez. "The Canadian Ninja" was distracted by a video of her sister playing with her kid in a park with Robert Evans overhead saying he wishes he could be there.

Man, Evans is hilarious in CHIKARA but he is one creepy effer in ACW.

Beyond Wrestling

The post-modern promotion teamed up with ACW affiliate, St. Louis Anarchy (SLA), for Double Trouble a couple of weeks ago with the main event being Johnny Gargano taking on ACH. I NEED TO SEE THIS MATCH LIKE YESTERDAY.

Check out the full results:

Matthew Justice, The Hate Junkies (Dany Only and Stryknyn) and The Pitboss defeat Eric Corvis, Jonny Mangue & Team Beyond (Chase Burnett and Zane Silver)
The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay and Pierre Abernathy) defeat Arik Cannon, Christian Rose and Darin Corbin
Dale Patricks, Miss Heidi and Remi Wilkins defeat Nate Stone, Reed Bentley and Tripp Cassidy
Davey Vega and Eric Ryan defeat Kentucky Buffet (Alex Castle and Matt Cage) and The Hooligans (Devin Cutter and Mason Cutter)
Mark Angel defeats Drew Gulak by DQ
The Slaughterhouse (KJ Crush, Maserati Rick and Tony Banks) defeat KOA (Aaron Epic, Pinkie Sanchez and Sugar Dunkerton)
SLA Title Match: Dan Walsh (c) defeats Rickey Shane Page
Johnny Cockstrong defeats RD Evans
ACH vs. Johnny Gargano goes to a time limit draw

But beyond -- yuk yuk yuk -- that, a huge egg of knowledge was dropped on the wrestling world: Beyond Wrestling has purchased Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU)!

Here's the official announcement:

Beginning this July, Beyond Wrestling will officially be taking over operations for Women Superstars Uncensored. What does this mean for the fans and wrestlers of WSU? Firstly - and most importantly - WSU will remain a separate brand with a continued focus on giving the most talented female professional wrestlers a platform to showcase their ability. There will be a stronger online presence, utilizing social media to provide fans with a more interactive experience, as well as classic matches and exclusive content. will be totally revamped in the upcoming weeks. From here on out, all shows will be shot in high definition. Future events will be available as video-on-demand streams and MP4 downloads in addition to the current DVD and iPPV releases. Within the next year, there will be more live events than ever before in new markets throughout the Northeastern United States. For more information, please visit Beyond Wrestling's website - - this Monday, June 18th, at 5PM. Beyond Wrestling officials will release a statement regarding the acquisition of Women Superstars Uncensored and unveil the new WSU logo at this time. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please email Thank you for your continued support.

That's it for this week, Cagesiders. Any other news you'd like to share? Do so in the comments!