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CSS Pro Wrestling Tournament Match: (8) Eddie Guerrero vs (9) Randy Orton

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Photo of Guerrero by <a href="" target="new">paddynapper on Flickr</a>. Photo of Orton by <a href="" target="new">Reckless Dream on Flickr</a>.
Photo of Guerrero by paddynapper on Flickr. Photo of Orton by Reckless Dream on Flickr.

The Cageside Seats (CSS) Pro Wrestling Tournament continues today with a first round match-up pitting number eight seed Eddie Guerrero against number nine seed Randy Orton.

Guerrero's untimely death in Nov. 2005 was doubly unfortunate, considering he was on the right track to becoming a world heavyweight champion with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for the second time. He struggled in his first reign but by that point had reinvented himself multiple times from a cruiserweight who tore the house down time and again in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to a legitimate main event level talent in the notoriously difficult to navigate waters of WWE.

Orton is a third generation superstar with one hell of a pedigree. He's spent his entire career under the WWE umbrella and upon his arrival was given a big push as a member of the heel stable Evolution. This propelled him to the top of the roster by way of association but once he broke away, he's managed to become a big star of his own accord, winning multiple world titles. At present time, he's generally considered one of the top three wrestlers within the entire promotion.

These two met up a few times not long before Guerrero died and the matches were as good as you might think they would be. But who is going to go over in this match-up today?

Cast your vote in this opening round match-up and take a look at the updated bracket after the jump. For the complete round one schedule click here.


Bracket artwork by: June M. Williams