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Mark Henry healing well after surgery, promises to reopen Hall of Pain upon return

Photo via <a href="">Twitter</a>
Photo via Twitter

If HOSS fights aren't your thing, you might not be as excited about this news as I am.

Last month, we reported Mark Henry would be going under the knife after working through a couple of different injuries during his World Heavyweight Championship title run last year.

The former Nation of Domination and Sexual Chocolate reinvented himself as a take no prisoners, take even less guff brute who reigned atop Smackdown for most of 2010.

Feuding with the likes of Randy Orton, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and The Big Show, Henry helped establish Smackdown as the more consistently entertaining show between both of WWE's primetime offerings.

For most fans, it was a revelation and a breath of fresh air.

The most troubling part of Henry's surgery, however, wasn't the operation itself. It was his promise to not return to WWE if he couldn't compete at the same level he was at before.

Well, rest easy, Cagesiders as we've got word from the man himself concerning his recovery.

From Henry's official Twitter:

"I'm the healthiest I've been in 5 years. U haters go to hell to the fans I'm healing great the Hall of Pain! LIVES!!"

Despite not having a timetable for his comeback and questionable punctuation aside, this is great news.

Who should "The World's Strongest Man" feud with upon his return?

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