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Former Diva Maxine comments on leaving WWE: 'It's not easy saying goodbye'

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Photo of Maxine via Wikimedia Commons.
Photo of Maxine via Wikimedia Commons.

In what amounted to an extended Twitter post today (June 29, 2012), now former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Diva Maxine commented on her decision to leave the company and hinted at what's to come:

"We have come to terms on my release. Its been a ride I want to thank @wwe for the experience and understanding on my feelings. Its not easy saying goodbye. But there are other options at wich I can do. To my fans you may not see me on the WWE screen but on another(; I want to do nothing but get the real chance to entertain all of you...sometimes you have to make that chance for yourself!! I want to take all of you with I hope you all understand why I made my decision. I'm not going to another wrestling company that is not in my plans!!! I didn't ask for my release to go to another company."

So for those hoping she would show up with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling to get bossed around by Brooke Hogan, don't count on it. But from the sounds of it, she may not be out of our lives for good.

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