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Video: Joey Ryan crashes TNA Impact, cuts promo after being thrown out by security

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For those of you who are 87-percenters, this should make you happy.

It seems Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling is indeed working a program with Joey Ryan, a Gut Check contestant from last month who was passed over for a contract on TV but has hung around by doing an Internet campaign to get himself back in the company.

His appearance on Impact last night seems to confirm this is a worked shoot angle. The fact that Tazz and Al Snow bothered to not only acknowledge his presence but make a big scene with the cameras freely rolling all but made it 100-percent certain.

I'm of the mind that if they're going to do worked shoot angles, this is the best way to play it. Ryan is great in his role and it's not like they're using a major main event level player for it, so why not? The Gut Check deal is kind of silly anyway.

There's no telling where this is ultimately headed and with TNA, it's almost not even worth bothering but Ryan is captivating enough to want to know how this story ends.

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