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CSS Pro Wrestling Tournament Match: (7) Curt Hennig vs (10) Jimmy Snuka


The Cageside Seats (CSS) Pro Wrestling Tournament continues today with a match-up pitting number seven seed Curt Hennig against number 10 seed Jimmy Snuka.

Though he died in 2003, Hennig's legacy lives on to this day. In fact, whenever a wrestler sells his body out to bump for his opponent in a big way, those who watched Hennig work in his heyday can't help but harken back to his unbelievable selling. His athleticism and ability to get his opponents over with minimal effort on their part was unmatched among his contemporaries.

Snuka was also an athlete who could do great things inside the ring. Besides his unique look and larger than life persona, he was a high flying risk taker who thrilled audiences in cities all over the world. And while he may not have been the top guy for any promotion, aside from winning Eastern Championship Wrestling's (ECW) first heavyweight title, if you say the name "Superfly," wrestling fans will fondly recall his glory days.

These two crossed paths a number of times throughout their careers, putting on good to great matches each time out. Big surprise, huh? But who will go over in this one?

Cast your vote in this opening round match-up and take a look at the updated bracket after the jump. For the complete round one schedule click here.


Bracket artwork by: June M. Williams

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