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ABC names Hulk Hogan one of the worst celebrity dads

Father's Day is just around the corner so ABC threw together a list of the worst celebrity dads.

You've got your usual cast of characters. Woody Allen, who started boning down with his adopted daughter and John Phillips who supposedly boned down with his biological daughter are both on the list, naturally.

Michael Lohan and Joe Jackson also make understandable appearances thanks to their run-ins with the laws and accusations of beatings.

So why is a list of crappy dads on a wrestling website?

Well, brothers, that's because none other than Hulk Hogan makes the list alongside the aforementioned incest perpetrators, child beaters and all-around scumbags.

Hogan is, of course, proud papa to Brooke and Nick Hogan. Brooke is a failed pop star and currently wasting TNA's money and time as the head of the Knockouts Division while Nick, at only 21-years-old, has already ruined someone's life and was just released from felony probation.

A pair of winners, they sure are.

But what exactly makes Hogan a bad dad?

ABC brings up several different bits of evidence to back up their case:

The list doesn't even bring up the fact Hogan was seen purchasing booze with his son, Nick, hours before the car crash which left a former friend in need of 24-hour assistance.

What say you, Cagesiders? Does The Hulkster deserve to be on the list?

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