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Former Ring of Honor champion Davey Richards says he wants to retire next year

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During The Wrestling Observer's Wednesday update, they included a small blurb concerning former Ring of Honor (ROH) World Champion and future Best of the Best 2012 main eventer Davey Richards.

The former American Wolf sat down with Inside Wrestling Magazine -- a new member of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated family -- and discussed his future in the sport we know and love.

Here's what The Observer gleaned from the upcoming interview:

Davey Richards ... said he was going to retire in 2013. He said something would have to go drastically wrong in his life for him to be wrestling in 2014.

Richards had promised to retire from the sport once already, back in 2010, to spend more time with his then-wife. As you can probably tell by the qualifier, Richards and his wife split which also led him to rescind his plans to quit wrestling.

Wrestling through next year would give Richards nearly a decade of time inside the squared circle under his belt. It may not seem like a long time considering Hulk Hogan is nearing 145-years of age and was in the ring as early as last year. But nearly 10 years of bumps and bruises, breaks and fractures build up and wrestling the style Richards has can only exacerbate the situation.

He isn't compared to Dynamite Kid for looks alone, after all.

Perhaps he wants to be able to walk away -- both literally and figuratively -- from the business on his own terms. Maybe he wants to try his hand at mixed martial arts (MMA) in earnest, something a lot of wrestling fans feel he's been doing anyway in ROH.

Of course, this all may be an angle considering his title shot against the newly crowned Kevin Steen at Best in the World 2012 is purported to be his last. But this doesn't seem to be the case. For one, the timeline is all wrong. If this was storyline-based, I would expect a "I'll retire if I don't win the belt" ultimatum.

But next year?

Love him or hate him but it looks like Davey Richards will be gone in 18 months.