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Cageside Quote: If Dixie Carter could choose one WWE superstar to sign to TNA, it would be The Rock

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During her conference call today (May 30, 2012) to promote Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling's move to a live format starting with tomorrow night's episode of Impact, Dixie Carter was asked if she could sign one current World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar, who would it be?

Her answer:

"The Rock. I think he's great. I love what he does in movies, I love the kind of exposure he brings to wrestling outside of what we do on television, and I think that's magic."

How surprising is it that of the entire roster of talent she would theoretically have to choose from, she went after one of the oldest guys who has worked a total of maybe 25 dates in the last eight years.


But it was an interesting question nonetheless, and I'm curious to hear who you Cagesiders would choose as your one signing. You get to choose one superstar on the entire WWE roster of talent. You choose ...