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Video: WWE NXT from May 30, 2012, featuring tag team action

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) still hasn't quite figured out what to do about distributing the new version of NXT that was filmed down at Full Sail University in Florida not long ago, so they're continuing to tape and release the old version on YouTube.

Here's the latest episode for May 30, 2012, which features all sorts of tag team action. Really, there's no direction for the program right now so it's just a simple wrestling show featuring all the talent you hardly see used on Raw or Smackdown.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks open with a match against The Usos. Then Tamina takes on Kaitlyn before they close with a six man tag match pitting Derrick Bateman, Percy Watson and Justin Gabriel vs. Johnny Curtis, JTG, and Michael McGillicutty.

Enjoy the show!