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WWE Raw ratings for 2012 Memorial Day show on May 28 lowest of the year

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No, this isn't a doom and gloom article. But this also won't be an article replete with musings on how ratings don't mean anything and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is making money hand over fist. There will be no putting our heads in the sand here.

Put simply, the ratings for this past Monday night's (May 28, 2012) Memorial Day edition of Raw were terrible. At least when you consider the standard the show has set for itself.

The show, which featured Big Show running wild on the entire locker room and getting over as the big monster heel heading into his match against John Cena (who didn't appear) at No Way Out next month, averaged 3.91 million viewers, the fewest of the year. The rating was a 2.72, also the worst of the year.

In fact, you would have to go back to week one of the NFL season last year to find a worse number.

There were plenty of reasons for this. The fact that it was Memorial Day, not to mention stiff competition from the NBA playoffs and the usual new programming on the History channel, which continues to be a thorn in WWE's side. But last year at this time, Raw scored a 3.0 and averaged 4.69 million viewers.

Big Show may be putting on solid performances enhanced by the Creative team finally getting its collective shit together but the numbers were bad enough to cause discomfort in Stamford, you can count on that. And if we're treated to a John Cena heavy show next week, we'll know the likely reason why.

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